Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Teclis? Pah! He's nothing but a smear on my hoof...

Battle Report of my final game with Dr A (sniff sniff)

We deployed as follows

Aneurin deployed his sea guard and archers in the center with his silver helms and sword masters hiding behind the building ( have I ever mentioned girly elves?) Teclis deployed with the sea guard
A great eagle and another with a mage took his left flank.

I put my warriors and knights with Archeon in the middle with the marauder horse on my right and marauder foot on the left.  The chaotic doggies went on the flanks with my hell cannon on the hill.  A level 4 Tzeench sorcerer went in with the marauder foot and a level 2 Nurgle sorcerer went in with the warriors

My plan for this game was that my level 4 sorcerer was loaded up with anti Teclis items and I took the level 2 for a dispel and to hopefully get some defensive spells off

(Girly elves hiding) 

I took turn one and charged forwards.  With Teclis on the opposite side I wasn't holding out hope for any spells to be gotten off and rolling 3 for power dice meant I didn't...
The hell cannon missed but at least it didn't run off or eat its crew.
Anuerin moved his budgie into the way of my oncoming Knights and decimated my horse in his shooting and magic phases that had moved up to threaten his bolt thrower.

Turn 2 was pretty uneventful my knights failed to catch the budgie rolling a double 1 for the charge so sat in front of the taunting elven spearmen.  I did nothing in the magic phase but took out 9 spearmen with the hell cannon taking down a rank :-)
Aneurin ran my hounds off the table and tried to turn my warriors to gold and failed.  The great Teclis rolling three 1s! His remaining shooting and magic whittled down my marauders and warhounds.
He also put his Mage onna budgie in front of my knights hoping to pull the same trick as last turn

Turn 3

It didn't work.  I chased down the craven as he fled and slammed into the sea guard and Teclis.  My one warhound went into their flank and my warriors positioned for the silver helms to come back on.

Archeon butchered the poor unit champion as Teclis hid behind his skirts and my knights killed a load more elves for no losses!  unsurprisingly the elves fled and The knights moved onto there 3rd unit as they over ran into a budgie

The return of the silver helms and Anuerins only hope...

I had left to big a gap so the silver helms slipped through to avoid being charged

Turn 4
The budgie died in Aneurins turn and my knights went into the bolt thrower.  My warriors into the sword master still hiding in the building and my hellcannon into the rear of the silver helms!  Grrr daemons gonna eat ya!

So far I hadn't gotten off a spell but with Teclis dead and finally rolling a decent winds of magic number this turn I could.  My Tzeench sorcerer turned a lowly marauder into an exalted hero.  The only other spell I could use was with Archeon being chosen of Tzeench and a level 2 sorcerer.  I hadn't wanted to risk him casting in case of miscast.  But 2 dice?  The chosen one wouldn't be harmed by his gods surely?  Yup you guessed it, double 6...
2 archers for 5 Knights.  well worth it huh?  And that was with me modding the miscast roll because of my infernal puppet or it would have been all the knights.  Archeon was spared though thanks to his ward save.  The survivors promptly killed the bolt thrower though and over ran into the archers
The hellcannon won the combat with the silver helms but they reformed to face it so it wouldn't be as easy next time.
The warriors beat the sword masters as well but as they were stubborn in the building they had to back off from the fight

In Aneurins turn the silver helms beat the hellcannon but being unbreakable was going nowhere.  The archers had the cheek to actually hit my knights but their feeble blows were laughed off as they were trampled into the ground.

Turn 5

My warshrine went into the combat with the silver helms and my marauders tried to get closer.
Archeon prepared to give the bolt thrower a rear ending they wouldn't enjoy...
Second eventful magic phase of the game saw my Tzeench sorcerer cast a nasty spell that took out all the silver helms except the Prince and BSB and they were only on one wound each!

With that we called it a day so I could get the bus home and technically not table the good Dr...

In Aneurins defence he really wasn't with it due to small babies in the house and he did get some bad luck at times.  Despite that I won and killed Teclis! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!