Thursday, 23 June 2016

10 "speed painted" Space Wolf drop pods

Good whatever it happens to be in your part of the world

So I want to run a Blackmane list, I decided so BEFORE the new FAQ came out by the by...

So I needed to paint up enough pods. I really didn't fancy normal painting so tried airbrushing instead

In total I think each pod took about 2 hours. Which compared to my normal paint speed is dam quick...

I used GW's airbrush paints as I wanted the colours to match my other models

I borrowed ideas from lots of places but hopefully streamlined the process

Here's how I did it


1 - I put all the doors together but kept the fins, engine and harnesses separate

2 - I spray painted the insides, engines and the harness silver

3 - Outsides and fins were spray painted black.

4 - I then airbrushed the insides of the fins.

Averland yellow took 2 coats to get a nice coverage. I then washed it with Riekland fleshshade along the insides for shadow (I didn't like the airbrush shadowing I had tried).
With a big brush it didn't take too long. This ended up being pointless after weathering anyhow so don't bother

I covered the yellow with a cover I made of green stuff. I know most use tape but there was no way in hell I had the time or patience to do that for 10 pods.
To make the cover I put greenstuff on a bare plastic pod. Don't do it on a painted one as it doesn't want to come off after...
I used Fenris grey and Russ grey to highlight.

It worked well. I just needed to make sure it was held down on the later fins as it did weaken and let a little paint through along the edges if not

I followed buy painted's way of highlighting the pods except I added 2 lines across the top as it looked a little blank to me otherwise 

5 - Doors. I used iron breaker over the sprayed silver. This gave a great broken effect that I wasn't expecting!

Outsides. I did the yellow first again as I had made a cover for the top

To save more time I had divided the pods into groups of colours. So all yellow was done at once for example

Middle parts were next. For this I did use a tape stencil but this was easily reusable. For all the doors I needed only 3 for the stickiness to last.

I used the 2 little squares where the icons affix as a guidline

Then I did the bottoms of the doors using another cover to protect the middle

Again all highlighting was done as in the above video

6 - Bases. Using a piece of card I then covered the doors and did the bases.

Here they are looking all nice and clean. I was a little worried at this point as I wanted dirty...

7 - Runes. I used a stencil from Freehand airbrush effects to do the runes. The template is called ancient Viking Runes.

8 - Transfers are from the new sw sheet. I used a matt varnish on these as soon as they were dry. Do this or watch them fly off when you start weathering!

9 - Airbrush first stage.  I put the pods upside down and then used a very light spray at an angle to blacken the bottoms.

Then coming about 8 inches away I gave the entire outside a light spray

10 - Pigment stage. I used secret weapon weathering pigments. Exhaust Balck and Black. Using a nice big soft brush I pushed it where I wanted it. I had to be firm in places but after a bit of practice it was quick.

Make sure you use a nice big piece of card and a box to put them in afterwards as it goes everywhere! It will also get up your nose without a mask on...

11 - Fixing stage. Using the secret weapon fixer I first of all tried using a brush for this but I ruined the effect I had just done. It was also very slow...

So instead I used my airbrush. It comes out really easily. I did 2 light coats and also coated the insides as pigment got in there and for Russ I couldn't get it all out by blowing and brushing...

Use a mask here folks. This stuff doesn't feel good when breathed in...

And that's it! 10 pods done relatively quickly

Now I just need to decide 2 things

1 - What to put in them

2 - Whether to exploit the FAQ to the max or be a nice guy!

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Some new Wolf Guard for my Blackmanes

I'm going to try out a Blackmane drop pod list with Wulfen Allies and some Thunder Cav.
As the elite choice I'm taking these guys to put some hurt on any ap2 stuff.
The fist is there a) because it looks cool and b) so they're still a threat after they've shot their load. They can hunt a tank or monstrous creature maybe.
They'll be joined by their Battle Leader with a power weapon too. Not sure of what type yet...

The idea is to give my opponent too many targets to choose from so at least something will survive to combat

Hopefully menacing and purposeful...

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Egil Ironfist conversion

Not sure if anyone is still reading this but here I go anyways

I'm toying with a list combining the Blackmane company and the Iron Company. So I need a Wolf Lord to lead one of them. I have the old metal Ragnar but thought I'd give myself the option of taking Egil as well

So here he is

The new iron priest's body. Wulfen claws and decoration. Space wolf head with the topnot, but cut off obviously. I also trimmed his hair back to give him a slightly older look. Then green stuff bionic eye. I hope it paints up ok
Bionic leg is from the Deathwatch marine and the foot is from the Thunderwolves kit. I had to trim it though as it was too big

Will have some painting to show soon I hope