Monday, 30 April 2012

The end of another month and I’m in a different place again now back up North.  I’ve got the hero finished, 4 horsies, the Helcannon and despite what Dr A thinks 10 more warriors.  I’ve also made myself a tray as I was fed up of packing everything back up.  £27 for a GW one or steal some of my Grandads wood and tools for free :)  Us ICT teachers are constructive unlike some colleagues ;-)

Here are the marauder horse.  I'm keeping the dark skin the same.  I've tried different ways of highlighting it and don't like it.  If you look at truly dark skin it has very little if any tone to it.

I'll base them all together once done.

I based the hellcannon as I wanted to use it in the Cardiff clubs campaign.

And the hero with banner of the gods.  125points to cause terror and give units within 6" stubborn and the obvious re-rolls for being a bsb.  Expensive but the way I lose combats and roll break tests invaluable.

I played Jimbo at 40k with my Inquisition army last week and he very nicely let me win 6-1.  My pathetically weak army scared him so much he deployed (he can deep strike every unit) across in the other corner of the board and let me shoot him piece meal while my death cult jumped in and out of the stormraven taking out his weaker and slower units in combats.  Cheers Jim :-p

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Mid month report

Afternoon...  Well I've done the 10 warriors and had a few games since last post and without further or do here  are the warriors

I did a few more non metallic ones as most of the others are metallic.  Once they are all mixed in they won't stand out as much

(Note bases Dr A)

I've joined a Warhammer campaign at the local club and lost my first game in it and 4 friendly ones as well.  We're only starting off small with a 750pt force so I took a block of 19 warriors with shields, 10 marauder horse and 5 doggies to make up the points led by a level 2 sorcerer.
The warriors have bounced off everything.  I get across the table ok then die.  I normally kill more than I lose but still lose combat res and as I can't pass leadership tests I get run down so game over.  No game has gone past turn 2 :-/  To me this is wrong.  I understand the need for taking into consideration overwhelming odds but an extra rank of goblins and a prettier banner shouldn't make me run away after I kill a rank for no losses.  I think modifiers to leadership should only come in if that unit takes more casualties than it dishes out otherwise surely you're winning?!
I need an exalted hero in there to dish out more pain as i'm not losing by much but as my boys are so expensive I'll always lose on ranks.  If I make him the army bearer too I can re-roll my break test.  The other option is to arm them with 2 hand weapons but i just don't like the look.  Far to stiff...

I don't have a suitably heroic figure to lead them so I made one.  After reading the bumf on the undivided banner its "forged" so I made it suitably metallic

I have 3 champions from the chaos knights for some reason so after a failed magic trick later I decided to use him.

He needed the rest of his cloak making

I've started painting him and he should be done soon.  I've also modified some of my marauder horse.  They look completely separate from the warriors so I modded the champion and a few others to try and tie them in more.

 I reckon he looks much more menacing now

As long as my familiar continues his lazy ways I should finish the hero and some horsies before the month is out.  See ya then

Friday, 6 April 2012

Back to Chaos...

Figuratively and modelling wise.

Living back with the folks means I can't leave my stuff out and my familiar keeps trying to help by attacking my paintbrush.  I didn't get anything extra done last month thanks to a family party that took over my house for a week.

Watching and waiting...

I fancied a change from my Inquisitor army and couldn't resist painting my Hellcannon.

I wanted runes on the stonework to bind the deamon to the machine.  Hopefully it looks like dried blood

I wanted to keep it undivided so made the wheels black and gold like the other elements of the army

I think i'm getting the hang of brass now.  I washed the face plate in red to make it stand out from the bulls head

The crew are painted up like my other Dwarves.

For the rest of the month I'll get these 10 warriors done and then see what I fancy.  I'm waiting for a CRB check to come through before I can get supply work.

And off topic I've been reading this guys books.  Very good if you like Historical fiction and it really really really makes me want to paint up a load of Hoplites and go marching about squewering horsies.  So ya never know as I finish these two projects off I may move into the realm of historical wargaming if I can find some nice models.

You can get them at the works 3 for a fiver.  Bargain