Saturday, 16 November 2013

New Inquisitor Codex - Why you shouldn't bother...

If you already run a Coteaz list then read this before buying the new codex.  I will try to be objective :-D  This isn't a full blow by blow review but intended to give existing Inquisitor armies an idea of the changes or new players an overview if they should bother
I run an inquisitor list from the GK codex and bought this. I gotta say I'm massively disappointed and a bit pissed off. Cut and paste rules from GK codex with added fluff that it isn't possible to create from the rules options given.  There is nothing new added unit wise, nothing to make the inquisitors unique and special other than their was before.  There are even fewer rules named characters than the GK codex too.  

Changes from the GK codex
No Stormravens.  Replaced with a Valkarie.  Thanks for that...
Warlord traits for each of the 3 ordos.  The first 3 in each are the same
Changed the priests stats and rules
Added background fluff for more ordos
Only rules for Coteaz and Karamazov
A few tweaks here and there
Yep that really is it...

If you already run a Coteaz list
If you have the GK codex and run a "Coteaz" list then do not buy this codex! It makes things worse for you. No Stormraven as it has been replaced with a Valkarie for example.
Also you can no longer "count as".  For example I use a librarians stat line for a psyker to go in Coteaz's own warband as a trusted psyker.  I use a dreadnoughts stat line to run a penitent engine.  My opponents (even in tourneys) are happy with this as it makes sense.  Sure you can do it will your allied attachment but I think then it becomes murkier.  Also you'd have to ally with the right army for it to work.
The only major addition is they have buffed the priests to give unit buffs and they are now characters. 
If the inquisitor codex doesn't invalidate the gk codex then I'll be still using it.

If you want to use Inquisitors as allies to your main army
If you want to run an inquisitor with your main army I don't see what this would add. Even an IG commander can take better stuff than an inquisitor unless you want freaky weird stuff. And as mentioned here  there are no invun saves unless you take Terminator armour, and this is only available to one of the 3 inquisitor ordos. Hell, Lord Coteaz of an entire sector can't even get his hands on one!  This doesn't make sense fluff wise.   These guys are meant to be able to go toe to toe with anything so how do they survive?!
Also unless you convert you're buying finecast models for the elites. 
Flagellants are fun but at 15pts a pop they're too much with the new rules when they're going to die to overwatch fire if they make it across the table.  Of course you can put them in a Landraider (I do) but it's expensive.
Deathcult asassins for 15pts are better but are one trick ponies who will take out one unit then die to massed fire to the face
The other choices are not worth mentioning.  You will have better options for their roles in your own codex

Missed opportunity
Whoever wrote this added background fluff but added no rules to allow for them. The options given simply aren't enough to create a truly special character that an inquisitor should be.
You buy an Ordo Heretic inquisitor and they don't automatically come with preferred enemy of psykers or chaos for example. You have to roll it on the warlord table! Erm... at least include it as a wargear option?
GW really missed a trick here. The free codex with WD way back had the right idea. Unfortunately I no longer have it to reference
In summary. It's a let down. It is a quick money maker in my opinion.  Fun if you want to add an inquisitor to your army for fluff purposes but completely pointless otherwise.  I think I'll wait for the new IG codex and maybe add an inquisitor with a small warband to it.  But £16 to do this is a lot when a 2 page errata to the GK codex could have achieved the same result.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Plastic Arco Flagellants


With the release of the new Inquisitor Codex and still no sign of plastic flagellants on the horizon I thought I'd update this and share it again.

With the only option to buy expensive Finecast flagellants from GW I looked at a lot of other alternatives but decided it would be more fun and cheaper to make my own.  

What you need
A box of GW Ghouls
A box of GW Fantasy flagellants  (I used the bodies of these for psykers see end of post)
Modelling tools - Knife, files, sculpting tools, snippers
Green stuff

If you're worried about the green stuff I am not a sculptor by any means.  I have used it a few times and I can make do.  It is only basic stuff you need to do.

So without further ado here is how I made 10 plastic flagellants

The ghoul bodies have a lot of bones, spines and fur etc on them.  I cleaned them up first taking off these off with a sharp knife and filed all the parts down smoothly. (This is where I needed plasters as the models are so small!)

I put the heads on next

Note I haven't based them.  This is because with a test model the base got in the way for sculpting the masks.

To make the mask I balled up some green stuff roughly the size of the head

Then using a size 0 flat clay shaper I wrapped the putty around the head.  The fact all the ghouls have long jaws is excellent as it pretty much gives the right shape for no effort!

By the way since I've started using clay shapers I have found it so much easier to "push putty" there are loads of clips on youtube showing techniques.  I always keep the shaper wet. I use medium firmness but occasionally firm would be good

Wait for these to cure before doing more work on them!  I blutacked them to a heavy book to stop them falling over.

The I symbol
I wanted to put the mark of the Inquisition on them but without using a transfer.  I used one of the brass etched Forgeworld symbols.

I rolled some putty around another tool then rolled it over a symbol to make an impression.  MAKE SURE THE PUTTY IS WET or you will end up with the symbol in the roll.  Leave this overnight so the masks and mold go hard

Put a really small ball of putty on the mask and roll the mold over it.  you may need to tidy up the edges carefully.  I found the best way was to use a really small sculpting tool tool while the clay is still soft.  I just blended any excess into the mask

Next up I sculpted the loincloth.  I figured my Inquisitor wouldn't wanna be looking at a load of flabby flatulent (see what i did there) arses.  I put a roll of putty along the waist line and then pulled it down using a pointed clay shaper.  (Forgot to take pics of this part sorry, hence the finished after pic)

The arms
I did these last so they wouldn't get in the way of sculpting.  I based the models first.

I put the arms on with the hands still attached to try and get a natural swing of the arms so the model didn't look unnaturally posed.  Though I did want them to look unwieldy.

I snipped the arms off just before the joints then drilled holes to insert metal wire to sculpt the putty around.

Note I tried doing this part without the wire and it didn't work as the arms would sag out of place and look unnatural and wrong.

I then rolled putty around the arms and smoothed it over the wire. I had to file down some of them to make it properly smooth.

Leave a bit of wire free at the end to attach the flail (drill a hole in the end of the ball etc or they fall off easily)

I didn't want the arms to look like tentacles, these are grafts after all, so I put a small roll of putty at the tops of the arms to separate the flesh from the graft to make it clear where the flesh ends.  When painting them up this makes it easier too.

The finished gang!  I'm really happy with them and my opponents love them too right up until I roll 50 S5 attacks and decimate the unit they were just standing next to.  Of course they don't get another go as the entire army then points something nasty at them but I love them none the less.  Hope you like :)

I used the flagellant bodies to make my psykers.  In the Gaunts Ghost books it says that massed psykers aren't treated well and were kept in cages.  So I thought the tattered robes and chained heads etc would be perfect.  I gave them staves and eventually the will be chained to an Inquisitor or acolyte

I've also made plastic Crusaders and Death Cult Assassins