Zee Inquisition...

It starts here...  Rooting out xenos, witches or heretics wherever they may be (probably Brisbane for the foreseeable future). Wherever they skulk I will smite them down with the Emperors holy wrath and in his name purge entire worlds if necessary in order to keep humanity pure and free of taint...

I like playing humans, I can't help it.  Whilst I like the look of the Dark Eldar models and think it would be fun to build an Ork army I just don't identify with them as much.  The other things that draws me to the Inquisition is the fact there are very few official models for them which means customization goodness and the books are very very dam cool and give a rich back drop to blatantly steal from.

I will point out straight away this isn't a Grey Knights or Battle sisters list.  It uses the henchmen lists in the GK (grey knights) codex and Lord Inquisitor Coteaz the Lord of Formosa in order to make it legal.  It sucks a little bit that you have to use him rather than any inquisitor but I like his background as Lord of an entire sector it means that I can justifiably add in some cool toys as he can dam well have what he pleases!

Unlike my other armies I've built in the past I had to plan this one before building it up.  This is because i wanted to bring them with me from the UK so as not to get ripped of by Aussie GW prices.  Emperor knows if it will be competitive, I've put it together from what I want to build and what I think would make up a cool henchman list.  I've seen lists on the web that use a lot of Jakaro's etc but these are meant to be incredibly rare so as yet I've not even bought one.  The list is:

Coteaz and a personal retinue of warriors and some heavy weapon servitors
Some assassins (Vindicare and Eversor bought at the mo)
A few junior inquisitor acolytes
A unit of psychers
A unit of death cult assassins
A unit of arco flagellants
A unit of crusaders
2 * Chimeras
A Storm Raven
A razorback

With this I should be able to field a 1750 list

I want to experiment with using a GK lord stats for an Inquisitor as reading the books these guys are nails and have the tech/bionics/power/belief to put them up there with a space marine hero but in the codex have the stats of a damp sqib.  It doesn't fit right in my mind that if he gets into combat with any other hero he will get flattened when according to the background these guys can go toe to toe with a daemon and frequently win.

Anyways i shall digress more when i come onto each unit as I make them up.  This month i'll start the Psykers as I've just finished reading a book on them and have a clear picture in my mind how I want them.  These aren't the luckier beings who have enough individual power to be a threat on their own so are treated with respect and fear.  These are the cattle like lowly powered ones who have been burnt out by being touched by the Emperors light so can't see, are kept chained and confined in cages and carted around and goaded into use when needed.
To get this across i'm using the empire flagellants as a base and chaining them together with some fine chain and put on some sort of lead to an inquisitorial acolyte.  Their bodies are meant o be weakened and feeble so they will have staffs to keep them upright and to help channel their power.  In the codex they have las-pistols but I don't think this fits so won't bother with them.  I'll justify using them in game as using their feeble powers individually rather than channeling together.

I made a start when I was stuck for things to do last week.