Friday, 12 April 2013

Dragging ogres...

These have taken a while you might say I've dragged my feet (get it now) but finally they're done.  I nearly didn't bother as the new models are so nice but with being poor again at the minute I decided to finish them

I did more with the skin tone than with my marauders as being bigger it looks even more flat

I'll only be using these on the battlefield until I get some skullcrushers though as for not many more points they're so much better!

Next project are these nice gentlemen.  Avatars of War "Warriors of the Apocalypse".  I saw them online a while ago but wasn't too impressed but in the flesh they look a lot nicer.  17 models for £24 is better than GW by a lot.  Also they have a much better range of poses.  With a little conversion no two models are the same and using GW bits it ties them in with the other units.  They came with great weapons but I didn't want to throw away my initiative 5, erm, initiative so I decided halberds giving them strength 5 should be enough and I can also use shields as well.  I'm going to paint them all up as Tzeentch chosen and use them to take out monsters etc

Should only take me a few months...