Saturday, 10 December 2011

I'm back baby!

Did you miss me?

Finally moved into my “own place” now so I can set up a modelling station and crack on.
All I’ve done since my last update is play a few games and start my mounted sorcerer in the local GW.  What with moving country and all it’s been quite hectic…

So my goal for this month.  Finish the sorcerer and start on my new 40k army.  I get bored just playing the one system and as I wasn’t able to bring my space wolves with me due to piddly luggage allowance (they wanted an extra £49.50 a KG!  I can post if cheaper the robbing tw@s!).  My plan is to make a unit for one army while painting another.  This will hopefully keep me motivated with painting.

So a quick battle report of my most recent battle.  So far I’m winning the ashes at 2-1

My army
Chaos Lord onna horse, Death sorcerer lord on foot, Exalted hero BSB & a level 2 Nurgle sorcerer fitted out my hero choices
24 Warriors of tzeench and a unit of 10 maruader horse were my troops
12 Chosen, a charoit and a warshrine filled the special slots.

He took
40 warriors of Nurgle armed with 2 hand weapons, a frenzy banner including Feoutus & a lvl 4 Nurgle sorcerer and an exalted hero BSB.
40 marauders of Nurgle with flails including a lvl 2 death and Nurgle sorcerer.
20 warriors of Tzeench & 5 hounds

Turn 1
He won first turn and charged his war hounds at my horse.  Nothing else moved!  His dogs lost 2 to my throwing axes before losing another 2 in combat.  Unsuprisingly they fled 7 and I only managed to pursue 6.  Still I was closer to the warriors flank
Magic was pretty uneventful as he rolled snake eyes.  He did manage to channel another 2 die for himself though he failed to cast his one and only spell.  Queue black tongue and a miscast J He only took out 3 warriors from the resulting explosion thanks to a lot of 1’s rolled for the strength 10 hit.  His sorcerer survived the calamity though took a wound for his troubles.
In my turn everything moved forward.  The marauders attempted to chase down the dogs but couldn’t catch the fast little buggers. I rolled badly for the winds and fail my first spell.  Queue him black tounging me! Yes this is getting a little perverted now…  I roll the huge miscast and take out 6 chosen along with my sorcerer Lord. Grrr
Turn 2
He can’t rally the dogs and they flee the board.  His declared charge with his horde of warriors fails and they shuffle forward an inch.  It seems the gods don’t want us killing each other but as there was no one else about we had no choice but to labour on.  Another bad roll for the winds of magic means this turn is a damp squib, possibly a chaotic one with a zillion eyes and really bad breath.
In my turn my knights with the Lord & BSB make it into his marauders with a massive charge.  The momentum clearly tells as they go flying in all directions to the loss of a knight.  The survivors flee in terror off the board.  Mwhahaha!  My warriors fail to charge his and shuffle forward 2 inches…  My horsemen reform to face his flank and down 2 with axes to the face
I once again did sod all in the magic phase

Turn 3
Right, surely some warrior on warrior action this round?  We’re 8 inches away from each other.  I mean who doesn’t wanna see big muscled men in armour with huge weapons smacking seven shades of chaotic shit out of each other?  Clearly the gods don’t as he rolls a 3…
His magic is better this round to compensate somewhat as he takes out a couple of warriors and a knight.  He also increases his Nurgliac regeneration ability to 4+
I can’t fail the charge now as he’s so close I can see the puss oozing from his boils so in go my warriors and horsemen, unfortunately the chosen fail.  My shrine goes into his Purple warriors making the 12” roll needed!
My knights move round hit his big unit in the rear next turn.  Magic time and I roll 12 dice!  Wohoo! So that’s 6 each for each spell he knows…  I decide sod it, if I miscast he’s coming with me as well so I do.  First spell only just goes off so he loses a few warriors to extra boils.  The second one goes off with irresistible force.  He laughs until it turns out more of his guys are in trouble than mine…  we both lose a few warriors to the warp
Ok finally smashing time!  Or not… Our hero’s just yell in each others faces and I kill 3 of his warriors.  He then wipes out my horse (4 guys * 4 attacks!) and takes out 5 warriors (not that impressive considering).  I lose and leg it.  He attempts to reform to face my knights at his rear but can’t as he’s frenzied and fails to catch me luckily.  Feoutus  means he can only roll 1 D6 for pursuit, handy as I’d only gone 7”!
The warshrine and other warrior unit do nothing

Turn 4
He reforms his warriors to face my knights and kills one to magic.  My war shrine manages a few kills on his warriors.
In go my knights, chariot and chosen.  Carnage ensues as my Lord butchers his champion who was allowed to accept my challenge as while a war shrine is on the table ALL chaos champions have the eye of the gods rule.  I’ll have to remember this to save my sorcerers in future!  Our exalted hero’s butcher each other and the knights take out 5 warrors for 4 deaths in return.  Chariot does some impact kills and a few others and survives the hits back.  The chosen show why they are the best of the best and kill a load.  He kills a fair few back though and needs a 5 to stay in combat which he rolls.

Turn 5
The main combat is still a stalemate until in my go my warriors go into the rear as well.  He ends up running but is caught. At the end only my Lord, 7 warriors, my chariot, shrine and 4 of his tzeench warriors were on the table.  Blood for the blood god indeed!

That big block of warriors was scary.  4 attacks each with a 4+ armour save then a 4+ ward save! His downfall though was only having 3 units so couldn’t stop them getting surrounded and ground down.  He claims I was lucky the marauders ran but my knights with a Lord inflicted more than enough wounds to make him need double ones.  I don’t see that as luck!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Teclis? Pah! He's nothing but a smear on my hoof...

Battle Report of my final game with Dr A (sniff sniff)

We deployed as follows

Aneurin deployed his sea guard and archers in the center with his silver helms and sword masters hiding behind the building ( have I ever mentioned girly elves?) Teclis deployed with the sea guard
A great eagle and another with a mage took his left flank.

I put my warriors and knights with Archeon in the middle with the marauder horse on my right and marauder foot on the left.  The chaotic doggies went on the flanks with my hell cannon on the hill.  A level 4 Tzeench sorcerer went in with the marauder foot and a level 2 Nurgle sorcerer went in with the warriors

My plan for this game was that my level 4 sorcerer was loaded up with anti Teclis items and I took the level 2 for a dispel and to hopefully get some defensive spells off

(Girly elves hiding) 

I took turn one and charged forwards.  With Teclis on the opposite side I wasn't holding out hope for any spells to be gotten off and rolling 3 for power dice meant I didn't...
The hell cannon missed but at least it didn't run off or eat its crew.
Anuerin moved his budgie into the way of my oncoming Knights and decimated my horse in his shooting and magic phases that had moved up to threaten his bolt thrower.

Turn 2 was pretty uneventful my knights failed to catch the budgie rolling a double 1 for the charge so sat in front of the taunting elven spearmen.  I did nothing in the magic phase but took out 9 spearmen with the hell cannon taking down a rank :-)
Aneurin ran my hounds off the table and tried to turn my warriors to gold and failed.  The great Teclis rolling three 1s! His remaining shooting and magic whittled down my marauders and warhounds.
He also put his Mage onna budgie in front of my knights hoping to pull the same trick as last turn

Turn 3

It didn't work.  I chased down the craven as he fled and slammed into the sea guard and Teclis.  My one warhound went into their flank and my warriors positioned for the silver helms to come back on.

Archeon butchered the poor unit champion as Teclis hid behind his skirts and my knights killed a load more elves for no losses!  unsurprisingly the elves fled and The knights moved onto there 3rd unit as they over ran into a budgie

The return of the silver helms and Anuerins only hope...

I had left to big a gap so the silver helms slipped through to avoid being charged

Turn 4
The budgie died in Aneurins turn and my knights went into the bolt thrower.  My warriors into the sword master still hiding in the building and my hellcannon into the rear of the silver helms!  Grrr daemons gonna eat ya!

So far I hadn't gotten off a spell but with Teclis dead and finally rolling a decent winds of magic number this turn I could.  My Tzeench sorcerer turned a lowly marauder into an exalted hero.  The only other spell I could use was with Archeon being chosen of Tzeench and a level 2 sorcerer.  I hadn't wanted to risk him casting in case of miscast.  But 2 dice?  The chosen one wouldn't be harmed by his gods surely?  Yup you guessed it, double 6...
2 archers for 5 Knights.  well worth it huh?  And that was with me modding the miscast roll because of my infernal puppet or it would have been all the knights.  Archeon was spared though thanks to his ward save.  The survivors promptly killed the bolt thrower though and over ran into the archers
The hellcannon won the combat with the silver helms but they reformed to face it so it wouldn't be as easy next time.
The warriors beat the sword masters as well but as they were stubborn in the building they had to back off from the fight

In Aneurins turn the silver helms beat the hellcannon but being unbreakable was going nowhere.  The archers had the cheek to actually hit my knights but their feeble blows were laughed off as they were trampled into the ground.

Turn 5

My warshrine went into the combat with the silver helms and my marauders tried to get closer.
Archeon prepared to give the bolt thrower a rear ending they wouldn't enjoy...
Second eventful magic phase of the game saw my Tzeench sorcerer cast a nasty spell that took out all the silver helms except the Prince and BSB and they were only on one wound each!

With that we called it a day so I could get the bus home and technically not table the good Dr...

In Aneurins defence he really wasn't with it due to small babies in the house and he did get some bad luck at times.  Despite that I won and killed Teclis! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

End of October

Well that month took a while to go by. I've turned 30, booked to fly away to Oz and most importantly got some painting done!

Here is the last of my target for the month.  2 ogres and my Nurgle sorcerer.  Unfortunately the 3rd ogre hasn't turned up yet so I can't field them.
My parents have bought me the book of Tamurkhan for Christmas (and its coming here on release day) so i will be able to use the Dwarves soon and before I go away! :-)

I did the ogres in the same fashion as the marauders with hap hazard armour and dark skin.  I wasn't sure about doing them dark as I couldn't decide whether these would be ogres turned to chaos or those that live in the wastes.  In the end I decided as they were a bit scrappy that they lived up there

 I'm going to give him nurgling familiars but I can't find where the little buggers have run off to.  I've paled his skin to give him a less healthy look than the others in my army

I realized I haven't yet put a pic up of my whole army so here's one I made earlier

So target me for the month :-)  It's a bit late to take a pic of this months models together.

2 Ogres
10 Chaos Dwarves
15 Maruaders
1 Sorcerer
Scratch built Hellcannon

I really have no idea what I will be able to get done this month with going away on the 24th and visiting folks first, packing up my entire life possessions and finishing the house.  Probably not a lot!

I do need a Lord so I'll say that and my sorcerer onna horse :-)

In gaming news I played Rich but got a spell wrong which decimated his army and ended it as a contest so I won't post a report.  Apologies Rich hope to do it properly before I leave!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hi ho! Blat! blat! blat!

I have finished the Dwarves. A bit to sunny to appreciate the heros beard. Will take another one for the end of month pic in better light

I edged the armour in red as they are meant to forge it with blood

I like the bronzed effect I got with the shoulder paldrons.  Silver>Orange ink>Devlan mud> silver highlights on the very edges

 Marauders are based up and ready to rock.  I like how they don't look like the standard gw models and they didn't take that much effort.  Will make these up to 50 slowly...

So just have the sorcerers to finish up now and the two ogres and i'll be done for the month :-)

In gaming news I had a quick 1000pt game against Dan's high elves on Thursday that went well. The hellcannon hit two big blocks of spearmen killing half of them a piece and making one run away then saw off a unit of silver helms after! Bargain when it works...

After i played a 2000pt orc army. We lined up like this and charged each other. Again I wont bother with a full report as it was pretty uneventful.

I managed to win first turn. The knights bounced off the black orcs taking only a third with them. My warriors marched though everything again then swept around the back making some great charges on the way.
The hellcannon didn't do much but it did hold up the black orcs for a while after they chased off the knights saving me having them charge someone in the rear until last turn.
My warshrine held up two units of gobbos and the pump wagon all game and my maruaders (including nurgle sorcerer ran from the unit of archers and didnt stop all game... Sheesh...
It ended up a draw but had it gone on one more turn (as it should have but we ran out of time) i'd have won the big maul in the middle and with my dominent magic killed off another few units to take the game.
I hadnt had time to write another list from playing Wayne as I wasn't intending on taking a sorcerer lord but glad i did in this game as i only faced two level two shamans and got quite a lot done magically wise...

I'm beginning to think the knights are more points than they are worth... Though they do scare people so take up a lot of my opponents time and effort allowing my other elements to go about their business.  Hmmm something to ponder

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hells Bells!

Yes its a hell cannon :-)

I've carried on the spiky theme from the chariots and used the same wheels to make it look as if all my vehicles etc are from the same part of the wastes.

The Dwarves are forgeworld models that I've just modded a bit.  There will be a third sorting skulls on the back of the model.

I wanted to make it look as if they were working the cannon not just standing about

I've chopped off the skaven runes and will add chaotic ones instead.  I liked the idea of having a runic arch to try and contain the daemon inside.  I've added skulls to the spikes as offering to it.

I put in cogs so the cannon can be lowered and raised etc.  I wanted to make it look like it worked!  I will add a hatch to the back of the barrel for the ammunition (food) to be put in.

In other progress news the fireglave Dwarves are coming along but slowly.  I've managed to find a hand for my sorcerer, i've based the Marauders and the bedroom is undercoated...

Wayne gave me a game with his Vampire counts again.  I won't put up a battle report as basically we charged forwards and ground each other down until one of us died.  The only units to see more than one combat was his skellies with the vampire and his black coach after they took out my knights.
I didn't get one spell off all game despite having a level 4 & 2 sorcerer.  I took the infernal puppet but despite Waynes annoying ability to roll lots of 6's he never did it twice rolling for a spell.  Grrr...
He did put his general in a unit this time though Kieron :-D
I made some mistakes, notably the maruders were charged by a spirit host meaning that only my sorcerer could hurt them with his magic weapon.  3 turns of combat later I realize they also have an exalted hero in there with 4 attacks and a magic weapon!  Grrr, at least he smacked up the black coach...
Wayne also forgot things though.  Like his +1 to hit with his grave guard.
Luck went back and forth with outrageous ward/armour saves made on both sides and tragicly comic combat results.  
My hellcannon on its first outing decided to charge forwards on the first turn and then was stuck in combat the entire game unable to hurt the spirit host after decimating a unit of raised zombies.  Waste of 205 points!
My warriors were once again unit of the game.  
Ta for the game Wayne :-)  sorry I didn't have any decent tea in...

Thanks for your thoughts on magic guys.  I think i'm just gonna go with the one sorcerer from now on and take another unit of warriors until my marauder unit gets bigger. I have taken the infernal puppet a few times but its only once come in use.  I would like to combine it with the black tongue but that means taking a sorcerer lord and spending 90 of his points allowance on those 2 items meaning in a challenge he will die due to no magic armour or a decent weapon.
I believed the fluff on magic Dr A about it being magical artillery but you're right it doesn't often do a lot so i switched it for death and Nurgle instead.

Now next question.  Do i spend £45 on a book so I can use these Dwarves... Hmmm!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Awash in green blood...

Well I've made little progress modelling wise this week as I've swapped my gw brushes for a roller and have got to work on painting the bedroom

Not bad for freehand eh?

I've finished nearly half the Dwarves and nearly completed the Nurgle sorcerer.  I've lost his hand though!  Had a nice pointing finger one and i've lost it!

I've made him a staff/glave of putrification.  took a while to saw his arm off nearly taking a finger of mine with it!

Oh yeah... My secret weapon has arrived this morning.  Conversion fun for me and horror on my next enemies face :-D

Gaming news... 
I played Kieron again and lost, again... My marauders, warriors and Knights ran away.  I ask you, from peasants too!  I made mistakes and as ever Kieron played well but my dice rolling was appalling and with Kieron managing to make his 5+ ward saves consistently again meant I was well and truly trounced. Read his blog for the report

Will came over for a game at mine and it was a very amusing game with it swinging about several times.

He fielded;
A horde of night gobbos + fanatics & shaman, a horde of orcs + shaman, gobbo archers + shaman & fanatics, a huge spider with a shaman, 2 small units of spider riders, a unit of boar boyz, squig hoppers and 4 bases of snotlings and a pump wagon

I mustered
25 warriors + lvl 2 death sorcerer, 8 knights + lvl 4 Nurgle sorcerer & Hero with bsb, 5 horse, 15 marauders and my shrine

We rolled the pass scenario and set up as so

I gulped a bit at the amount of models facing me and was worried about my flanks as i couldn't deploy to protect them in the narrow space.

Turn 1
I went first and went forward as fast as I could, the horsemen took out 2 spider riders in shoowting then will charged them and I lost 2 to his one but they held.
My magic was ineffective as I rolled low and will could channel more dice than me so dispelled everything.  Wills magic saw him buff a few of his units and hex my horse.

Turn 2
Was mental in short! I went into the squigs with my warriors and everything moved up in support.
Magic I managed to cast a hex spell on the boar boyz reducing their leadership but with a miscast.  I wiped out 10 warriors in the blast and my sorcerer took a wound as well.  I quickly killed the squigs in combat
and wiped them out.
Will took out his comedy animosity die and the gobbo horde went mental shooting forward a free 8 inches toward my warriors releasing fanatics at my knights as he did so.  One bounced off my spawn causing it a wound and killed itself in the process.
The gobbo archers also thought it would be a laugh to have a go at my warriors again shooting forwards a free 8 inches and releasing more fanatics one piling straight through my warriors taking 2 out.
Will then had to charge these units at my warriors with the archers falling short but he supported them with the snotlings into my flank and his boar boyz into the rear.  Things were looking grim for the warriors...
The pump wagon smashed into my shrine causing a wound but suffering two back. The horsemen finally killed the last spider rider

As i took this picture I realised will hadn't taken hits on his boar boyz from the fanatic.  He killed 3 and they ran off!  That hex spell I got off may just have saved my warriors bacon...
In the combat my sorcerer challenged and killed the unit champion, the warriors killing 8 gobbos and leaving one snotling base on 1 wound.  I won the combat thanks to my 2+ armour saves (gods i love rolling that) and 5+ wards.  Sadly the gobbos were steadfast and stayed put.

Turn 3
The knights moved for a position to charge the spider and the marauders up the flank.  The horsemen took one for the team and charged the fanatic in front of the knights killing themselves in the process.  Their names will be forgotten almost immediately...
The warriors continued to mince goblin but still being steadfast they went nowhere.  The gobbo hero faced my sorcerer one on one and died for it.

Turn 4
The warriors finally cleaned up the gobbos and chased them down overrunning into the orc horde flank who had moved up to face the knights.  My marauders charged the archers and the knights failed to charge the spider thanks to a hex spell reducing their movement to 1!

Turn 5
The orc big boss was to afraid of my sorcerer to hit him (he gained fearsome aura after beating his last opponent) My warriors chopped up enough orcs to make them run and they lost a few more boyz as they fled through the spider. The marauders finished off the archers.  The knights failed again to charge thanks to the hex spell
Will moved his spider out of charge range and rallied the orce.  He then managed to cast a nasty big template spell that wiped out 7 knights a few warriors and a marauder!

Turn 6.
I charged the orcs and once again failed to charge the spider with my knights thanks to the hex spell.  The orcs fled off the table and I chased them down off the board.  The warriors now having gone the entire distance off the pass taking 4 units out in the process.  GRRRRR!
Will failed to get off his nasty spell this go

Turn 7 (oops we lost count in all the fun)
My marauders killed off the snotling bolt thrower and over ran into the spider the spawn couldn't close and my knights decided to watch again as they couldn't be arsed to moved very far...

In Wills turn predictably the marauders did nothing against the spider and fled.  Just for a laugh he decided to charge my shrine but we drew as neither could hurt one another.  Maybe the spider realizing my shrine as a large monster and attempting to mate with it instead.  It ended as so and a victory for me :)

Thoughts on magic
My magic this game was pathetic thanks to will having the same number of dispel dice as me or more thanks to his channeling abilities.  I got off that one spell which admittedly was useful but only worked thanks to irresistible force!
It didn't do a lot against Kieron either only really getting one good spell off.  The question is do I discard it entirely and take more warriors instead?
At near 300pts alone my level 4 sorcerer did nothing all game.  Should I just go with a lvl 2 wizard with a dispel scroll for defense?
Also with me having to challenge with them they often get beaten in combat and while I try and equip them with protection this makes them more expensive and means I can't take more stuff to enhance their magical abilities.
With my magic being quite short ranged I can't really keep them from combat in a bodyguard unit and even if i did this just puts more points into them.
Thoughts please?

Thursday, 6 October 2011

At em lads!

I've been going at a fair pace this week and have painted up the Marauders.

I've again avoided a uniform as they aren't soldiers but a group of warriors out for fun and plunder.  I haven't put in as many colours as the warriors as they are less dedicated to the gods than the warriors and so wouldn't choose one deity over the other but there are some who have chosen to show such an allegiance.
I'm also planning on adding a few tattoos in the unit as well if i get time when i'm feeling particularly steady handed.

SB shield has fallen off somewhere.  I've paid more attention to them this time around as Kieron is right it does make a difference

I've painted up a test Dwarf as well.  These will be uniformed as they have chosen to worship the chaos gods and are a standing army.  They will hopefully tie in ok with the mostly black theme and the same gold embellishments.
I reckon they will stand out but that's fine by me as they are only allied to the manling army and not a part of the horde

On another note I can't get my sorcerers cloak how I want it.  Blending light colours is hard!  Hope to be done by next update...

Saturday, 1 October 2011

October Targets & Report

My target for this month will be these little fellows...

That I got for my Birthday :-)  I have had a bit of a fancy for the squat ones since I was little myself and I really love these models.  Plus it will allow me to blast the crap out of annoyingly overgrown budgies & pegassi  knights rather than have them run all over the board after them.

As well as these i'll get my marauders painted up, the ogres with hopefully a 3rd model and a secret weapon if I get chance and the parts from ebay arrive in time.  Oh and a Nurgle sorcerer

Here is a quick synopsis of my battle against Dan's combat driven High Elves.  I was dreading this game as my experience against Anuerin has been to expect to take a lot of damage...

We rolled the dawn mission so had to set up strangely to how we wanted.  It didn't work out to badly for him but my 1000pt unit of knights and lord were out on the left facing nowt but a 5 man squad of light horse!

Turns 1 & 2 saw us edge closer to each other neither of us wanting to take damage from the ruins in the middle.  High elf archery proved ineffective thanks to both my chosen and warrior unit being blessed with an extra 1+ to their armour saves :-D  Also only 2 level 2 wizards faced me with defensive spells meaning I didn't take any damage from magic.
Unfortunately my rolls for the winds were poor so I couldn't enjoy a dominant magic phase but my newly established Nurgle sorcerer took a wound from each of the Elven mages.

Turns 3&4 saw the crunch happen. My knights went into the chariot and light horse, the warriors into the erm, white cloaked wimps while out on the right my marauder horse took out another unit of light Elven horse and bounced off the archers!

Unsurprisingly my knights whooped ass on the left without even being hit by the puny Elves and were charged by the mage!  It was that or flee off the board so...
The silver helms went into my shrine and the Elven general found himself charging the chosen alone as the sea guard decided extra hard chosen with 3 attacks each weren't a good choice of opponent and only inched towards them.
The General easily slew my Chosen champion in the challenge but the unit held firm.
Amazingly the shrine only took two wounds thanks to its high toughness and managed to kill enough elves in return to win the combat! In the magic phase I had managed to reduce their leadership by three thanks to grandfather Nurgle.  This helped as they failed the leadership test and fled through the spearmen losing more men as they did so!

Turn 5&6 saw my warriors finish off the white cloaked punies and decide that the bristling weapons of the spearmen didn't look that dangerous and were feeling pretty safe with a 2+ armour save and 5+ ward after.
Lots of elven dice later saw one warrior go down and with 19 attacks back and 10 elves fall they decided to let it only to be run down by the warriors.  The warriors then massacred the small archer unit
The white cloaks never rallied and ran from the battle.

The Elven general managed to slay my sorcerer in single combat but then the unit finished him off and reformed to face the sluggish sea guard who had again failed to charge to their generals aid.

Evil Lord Bashmash of the Triothi tribe decided it was such a lovely day and to add to his pressed butterfly collection so sent his knights out with delicate nets to catch some for him as he composed a sweet haiku on the beauty of the woods in front of him

So at the end I lost my Maruader horse and both sorcerers to the entire Elven army except the sea guard and a small unit of archers cowering behind them.

Lessons learnt from this battle:

1 - Rolling for extra armour on two units is amazingly useful.  Both units shrugged off all sorts of punishment
2 - Me gusta mucho Nurgle magic.  It can help me or hinder my opponent and is so simple to use
3 - Seeing rolls for bad charge distances is funny if its not me
4 - I was very lucky this battle as everything went in my favour.  I had good magic capabilities and neutralized the Elven spells that did get off with the right items.

I know my opponent made mistakes here and he was hindered by small units and bad luck but I do think I am getting to grips with my army now and how I want it to work.  Making armour saves also helps!

Who's next? ;-)