Sunday, 29 March 2015

Plastic Harald Deathwolf + friends...

3 new Thunderwolves enter the fray for my tournament in the summer.  I have 2 more to make up and paint but these took me 3 weeks along with a nearly finished dred

This chap is Harald Deathwolf

The axe head is from the Dark Elf Executioners and the cloak is from the beastmaster on chariot.  I was worried it would look a little small but I think it's fine.

I kept him with a green theme.  It's obviously Logan's head

This guy is a Battle Leader with the Armour of Russ

He's here for infantry mincing goodness.  I gave him a Dark Elf Corsair cloak as he has been helping Harald hunt Kraken.  Makes a change from fur for once.  Helps identify this unit from my other one too

And this is another Battle Leader

He's armed with the Black Death for +D3 attacks if he's outnumbered.  I think it's fair to say he will be most of the time...  He's got a kraken cloak as well

These 2 wolves are from Logan's sled.  There's no way I'm using that thing, I'm plundering it's bits instead.

I have my dreadnought to finish and then a Sicaran battle tank to put together and 2 more wolves before I get back to my new army

Sunday, 22 March 2015

New Army - Blood Angels successor chapter

New Army time! I never got properly motivated with the Chaos Dwarves. They're sat unloved back in the UK. I love power armour too much.

I was tempted to start Blood Angels when they released the Sanguinary Guard but didn't. But now with the new tactical squad, the amazing Sternguard models and simply stunning Sanguinary Priest I was sold.
Please don't read too much into all the nipple armour...

I'm going to make my own chapter. As a Space Wolves player I'd consider it a bit of a betrayal to do pure Blood Angels.  Not sure on a name yet but the colour scheme will be thus:

Tactical - Black Armour with white weaponry.
Death Company - Dark red armour with black head and shoulders
Sanguinary Guard & Captain - Silver with black detail
Chaplain - Black with red shoulders
Sanguinary Priest - White armour and black robes

I've converted Dante and Mephiston these seem the only characters worth taking.  They will just be a captain and a librarian mainly though

So here are the models so far

 Captain Dante / Normal captain

 Chaplain with BA bits added.  The wings are magnetized so I can put on his normal one if I don't want him flying about

 Sanguinary Priest.  He will have wings but I left them off to make them easier topaint

 Mephiston.  I need to do something about the arm with the plasma pistol but I'm not sure what.  It just looks wrong

 Librarian.  Might do some sort of power coming from his hand

 Sergeant from the tactical squad.  I love how the level of detail has gone up so much now that this guy could have been a captain years ago

Sternguard.  I actually didn't use many Sternguard bits

Put some green stuff bits on the legs.  I used instamold

Dreadnought in process of being painted.  I added extra bling.  It's an earing I saw whilst in a queue in a clothes shop for 50p.  Bargain