Wednesday, 29 June 2011

End of month 1...


Well that seemed like it took a long time to get done.  I need to stop distracting myself with side projects.  I do have my space wolves to finish before toy soldier but I didn't need to get an army ready or make up a sorcerer...  Ah well, I'm done and with an extra standard bearer too!

I decided to keep the insides of the cloaks black to match the shields and try and tie the unit together.  The shields are magnatised so I can swap them for extra hand weapons if needed :)

Attempt at blending.  I did some ok.  Not a fan of the ott stuff some people do though, I prefer a more "real" look.  I added a few touches to the champions to make them stand out more too.

I've mis-placed the hero's arms... They will be under another pile of bits somewhere.  I'll add them on when I find them.

As I said above I made up a sorcerer model as well.  Here's a work in progress shot, I've greened up the hand now and sprayed him black so he doesn't photo well.

Quite chuffed with this model.  Took a bit to do the legs, I greened them all up then covered them with a dam sash anyways!
I'm gonna have him casting the screaming skull spell with flames and a skull writhing from his hand!

Target complete :)

Next months target
The 10 knights I put together for the battle painted up
The sorcerer finished and painted
Put together a warshrine model.

This is ambitious for me as it took all month for 11 models and the knights count as 2 each :s  Still have my space wolves to get ready to but as they say, aim for the stars and hit the sky.


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Dam those cheating elves!

Well my first ever game of Warhammer ended in defeat.  After hastily assembling a 1200 point force to take on Dr A J Kennerly, BSc Hons - girly cheating elf - PHD - esquire, I took them to battle to be beaten by elves!

Here is the army ready to go.

8 knights bought of ebay for less than £3 a model
5 marauder horsemen for £9 in the emporium
10 warriors off ebay for £5
A converted sorcerer
14 warhounds (borrowed from my space wolf army)
And my painting target for this month another 10 warriors and the exalted hero.

Kieron will be proud of my cheaphammering  :)

The game...

We rolled the watchtower mission and as Aneurin won the roll to control the tower I went first.  He couldn't occupy it however so my warriors marched boldly towards the church with the watchtower as the Maruaders went down the flank using a farm building as cover against shooting.

The magic phase saw my sorcerer cause 1 death on a seaguard unit with screaming skull. They  passed their panic test and my sorcerer failed his 3+ armour save from his miscast.

The high elf turn saw a warrior dragged into a pit of doom and the seaguard volley shooting was accurate causing 5 wounds on my Chaos knights. 2+ saves no problems I thought only to roll 3 1's...

My second turn saw my sorcerer once again miscast and kill himself by losing his last wound.  My knights charge into the sea guard as the warroirs moved closer to the church.  This is when the Dr announces he gets to hit first, ALWAYS!  Cheesy elf git... Ok this won't be to bad, he's hitting on 4's and wounding on 5's right?  Another 3 knights die to rolling 1 for armour saves...  They manage 6 wounds back for the Dr to roll 5 6+ parry saves!  That it turns out he should never have had! To add insult to injury the knights flee despite re-rolling the leadership test with the "will of chaos" rule.  The sea guard don't quite catch them

The elven mage, feeling confident now he has no opposition starts unleashing a hex spell reducing my warriors weapon skill allowing the sea guard to take on my warriors.  Despite wounding 8 times this time my armour holds up and not one warrior falls to the weaklings, they are promptly butchered and flee the fight, the warriors choosing to hold their ground due to the proximity of the silver helms on their flank.

From nowhere the marauder horsemen chase down the fleeing seaguard and the warriors are just in charge arc of the silver helms taking them in the flank as the unit led by the exalted hero enters the church.  Also from nowhere the warhounds charge into the great helms getting butchered to the last dog.
Feeling their gods eyes upon them the warriors take the hits from the silver helm and kill two but the elven nobles aren't deterred and stay to fight reforming to bring more weapons to bear next round.

Once again unopposed the elven mage casts Occams razor giving the silver helms strength 8!  They promptly butcher the warriors in front of them leaving none alive.  The great helms close in on the church.

Undeterred by being heavily outnumbered the chaos knights having reformed last turn now charge the silver helms and the marauders hit their flanks.  The knights champion calls out the elven mage who cowardly slinks to the back of the unit.  Dispirited by their generals cowardliness the unit lose the combat and flee, marginally out distancing the knights and marauders.  If the game ends now the game is mine! but alas it goes on.

The great helms storm the church seeking to secure it for themselves and slay 8 warriors within.  The exalted hero hits back cutting down 3 but loses the combat and dies holding his ground rather than flee in shame.  The church and watchtower are in elven hands with only 4 chaos models left on the board in front of a rallied unit of 10 silver helms its game over for chaos...


Despite having some appalling luck I thoroughly enjoyed the game and was pleased with how the units worked even if they didn't do as I expected I can see they should in most circumstances.  I now know i'm going to get hit first by elves and need to take bigger units against them to make up for this so I can cause enough damage when I hit back.

Cheers to the Dr for the game (shaking of fist and promising of i'll get you next time...)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Chaotic conundrum...

Well here I am half way through the month (nearly) and I've been trying out different armour styles.  My idea for the warriors are that they are all individual as they are not given a uniform like other armies but become a chosen warrior by completing a quest or doing a mighty deed.  Then when battle is called they would join up together in units.
Problem is I'm not sure its going to look that great...  I could limit the colour pallete and vary within that but doesn't seem as fun...  What do people think?

I've done 6 but the three below are the better ones. Choose a fave.  One thing I have decided is that i'm not great at lining and doing 40 warriors that way isn't for me!  Models aren't finished yet by the by...

Any thoughts on colours to match & contrast would be welcome too

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hi All

This is my attempt to motivate myself to keep going with this army after my initial surge of new project enthusiasm has wained...

Along with other members of my gaming club (Sheffield gimps!) i'm taking part in a "tale of 4 gamers" style competition.

My aim for this army is to have a small heavily customized and well painted army rather than go for a table top standard of painting and a larger force.  I have always loved the chaos models and my first ever model was the first metal Chaos Chariot which i will have to find somewhere :s

I'm choosing to follow Chaos undivided with a few characters choosing to favour certain deities simply because the models are cool! Initial army idea is as follows

2 units of Chaos Warriors
A unit of chosen made up of all the cool models GW and others have made over the years
A unit of Chaos Knights
A unit of Marauder horsemen
Mounted Chaos Lord
2 Sorcerers
A altar of Chaos

This should give me 2000 points and a solid force.  After that I want to make up some fun stuff like Chaos ogres, a giant and the Shaggoth hero.  I plan to heavily convert them all, i want every model in the army to be heavily armoured including the maruaders.

My starting force and Month 1 target

I bought a unit of warriors a few years back to nick their cloaks for my Space Wolf Wolf Guard.  I intended to make a chess set using Chaos models but never got around to it so have 8 models left.

My target this month is to use these models to try out armour colour schemes and use my fave to paint up the hero model i picked up on ebay.
Also get together some old metal knights as i prefer these to the new models but the new horses.  Should keep me busy on ebay as i want 20!