Monday, 27 August 2012

I didn't make it to Cardiff so had time to do some more painting.  I've certainly become a lot quicker over this last year.  I know what I want now and how to achieve it.  Also I'm not too bothered about these henchmen...  I painted them the same as the other squad except I switched the red shoulder pad.  One is headless as I couldn't find the head I wanted to give him

I'm pleased with the assassin.  I made him blue to stand out from the rest of the army

Monday, 20 August 2012

"Tourney" news

I just thought I'd put a quick post up about Kierons "tournament" on the weekend which I really enjoyed.

It wasn't a competitive tournament but more of a campaign.  Win a battle and control a territory on a map.  We were split into 3 teams so had to work together to wipe the others off the map!

I played 4 games; Skaven first where I narrowly won thanks to my opponents last two turns of appalling luck (his general running away despite being stubborn for example).  I also made a mistake as I had cast call to glory and didn't think it could be dispelled in subsequent turns but it can.  How ludicrous is that though?  A guy gets turned into a hero then can be banished next go.  Hmmm

Rich was my next victim - ahem - opponent and I was in for a surprise.  End of his turn one movement phase looked like this

I nearly panicked as this had never happened before!  What do I do when the enemy come closer?!  His plan was to try an make me run off the board edge by sticking me with loads of poisoned attacks but we all know what his dice are like... 6'd to hit...

(this is from another of his games later in the day)

So the inevitable happened and the Slann with his balloon of doom took a lot of turns to kill in a challenge but eventually he bit it and victory was mine!

Game three pitted me against a very very nice looking army of Orcs.  It was one of the best and closest games I've ever had with luck swinging both ways.  One unit of my warriors was saved from two chariot charges by some trees (glad to see its not just my knights who have difficulties with them).  My other unit were blessed with stupidity by the warshrine and spent two turns ambling forward to get rear charged by horde Orcs.  Amazingly they all hit and only a few didn't wound to win me the combat and proceeded to cut them down to size but sadly not in enough time before the game ended so it was a draw as everyone else except my general and a few marauders had died.

Game 4 was something special.  It was two battles of 5 players each.  Unfortunately my allies had been ambushed so set up in the middle of each table.  I was placed on one with Andys beastmen, two Orc players and Rich's Slann.  We each placed an objective and at the end of the game whoever controlled one would claim a territory, and another for killing an enemy general.  It was a right laugh as mayhem ensued with the two orcs on opposite sides they couldn't really gang up.  We ignored one and the Beastmen took on the slann while I took the other orcs.  The Slann attacked everyone so were in turn attacked back by everyone getting wiped out.  At the end a unit of warriors occupied an objective in a building facing a horde of savage orcs who had done nothing all game except trudge across a table.  The other orcs had a third of a horde left in another building.  the beastmen had its general and a chariot left.  We won 8-3!

The end of the day saw Chaos victorious and bagged me an objective set :-) But more importantly I had had a great laugh and met some thoroughly nice chaps.  Cheers Kieron, again again!

Oh and I finished the wolves.  A week back home means I won't get anything else done this month :-/

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Plan B...

No I've not got into a new genre of music I've painted some more warriors as a backup to my main unit as I am far to reliant on them to win my battles for me.  Hopefully these will take some shooting and magical attacks instead.

Here they are as a pile of bits just to prove they're new ones!

I added a few marauder heads to try and tie them in together 

I finally succumbed to using unit fillers.  I don't intend to use them all in the same unit as it looks too silly

And I traded some wolves so I can field an all wolf Space Wolf army at some point in the future.  These should only be quick to do as Fenrisian wolves are black!

I should hopefully be a bit more productive from now on!