Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Busy busy bee...

Well the good news is I haven't started on my Dwarves before my dragon ogres.  The bad news is I have been doing all odd sorts of things as had a 40k tourney to get ready for and i'm now preparing for a fantasy one so they have taken priority

For the 40k I needed to get my inquisitor list ready:  Basing nearly everything, painting 10 death cult, 3 servitors, a monkey, 6 psykers, 3 acolytes with plasma guns and a bastion with quad cannon.  Eep...  I got them done to an OK standard but i'm only posting the ones i'm happy with as the others need work...

I won 2 games and lost 2 games.  I'm happy with that as the two I lost were to filth lists and mine is so fluffy kittens cuddle it (nearly).  I finished 7th from 16 mid table unsurprisingly 

Thanks to the new Warriors of Chaos book coming out it also means I need to work on that army for the tournament.  My dragon ogres are in but need new bases as they're now a lot bigger.  Great models but as I spent so much time on mine i'm gonna finish them and they're nearly done but i'm taking my time with them.

New spells and eye of the gods table means I now have the chance of generating spawn or daemon princes during battle. I owned neither and seeing as the rules say if you don't own the models then the model they would have replaced just ceases to be I needed some.  I picked one up second hand and 2 Skaven rat ogres  which i'm going to convert into spawn.  I bought a new daemon prince as well so I could make him up how I wanted.  He's nearly done.  So with 2 a piece I should be ok if I get lucky/unlucky with the dice

Awaiting green stuff for further changes.  Poor buggers...

I like the new book and rules changes.   It means I now pay more for my 6+ ward save but my opponents can't moan i'm to overpowered anymore.  Also daemon princes are amazing so now very viable and Hellcannons have a 5+ ward save for an increase of 5  points :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Next time should be finished products