Saturday, 10 December 2011

I'm back baby!

Did you miss me?

Finally moved into my “own place” now so I can set up a modelling station and crack on.
All I’ve done since my last update is play a few games and start my mounted sorcerer in the local GW.  What with moving country and all it’s been quite hectic…

So my goal for this month.  Finish the sorcerer and start on my new 40k army.  I get bored just playing the one system and as I wasn’t able to bring my space wolves with me due to piddly luggage allowance (they wanted an extra £49.50 a KG!  I can post if cheaper the robbing tw@s!).  My plan is to make a unit for one army while painting another.  This will hopefully keep me motivated with painting.

So a quick battle report of my most recent battle.  So far I’m winning the ashes at 2-1

My army
Chaos Lord onna horse, Death sorcerer lord on foot, Exalted hero BSB & a level 2 Nurgle sorcerer fitted out my hero choices
24 Warriors of tzeench and a unit of 10 maruader horse were my troops
12 Chosen, a charoit and a warshrine filled the special slots.

He took
40 warriors of Nurgle armed with 2 hand weapons, a frenzy banner including Feoutus & a lvl 4 Nurgle sorcerer and an exalted hero BSB.
40 marauders of Nurgle with flails including a lvl 2 death and Nurgle sorcerer.
20 warriors of Tzeench & 5 hounds

Turn 1
He won first turn and charged his war hounds at my horse.  Nothing else moved!  His dogs lost 2 to my throwing axes before losing another 2 in combat.  Unsuprisingly they fled 7 and I only managed to pursue 6.  Still I was closer to the warriors flank
Magic was pretty uneventful as he rolled snake eyes.  He did manage to channel another 2 die for himself though he failed to cast his one and only spell.  Queue black tongue and a miscast J He only took out 3 warriors from the resulting explosion thanks to a lot of 1’s rolled for the strength 10 hit.  His sorcerer survived the calamity though took a wound for his troubles.
In my turn everything moved forward.  The marauders attempted to chase down the dogs but couldn’t catch the fast little buggers. I rolled badly for the winds and fail my first spell.  Queue him black tounging me! Yes this is getting a little perverted now…  I roll the huge miscast and take out 6 chosen along with my sorcerer Lord. Grrr
Turn 2
He can’t rally the dogs and they flee the board.  His declared charge with his horde of warriors fails and they shuffle forward an inch.  It seems the gods don’t want us killing each other but as there was no one else about we had no choice but to labour on.  Another bad roll for the winds of magic means this turn is a damp squib, possibly a chaotic one with a zillion eyes and really bad breath.
In my turn my knights with the Lord & BSB make it into his marauders with a massive charge.  The momentum clearly tells as they go flying in all directions to the loss of a knight.  The survivors flee in terror off the board.  Mwhahaha!  My warriors fail to charge his and shuffle forward 2 inches…  My horsemen reform to face his flank and down 2 with axes to the face
I once again did sod all in the magic phase

Turn 3
Right, surely some warrior on warrior action this round?  We’re 8 inches away from each other.  I mean who doesn’t wanna see big muscled men in armour with huge weapons smacking seven shades of chaotic shit out of each other?  Clearly the gods don’t as he rolls a 3…
His magic is better this round to compensate somewhat as he takes out a couple of warriors and a knight.  He also increases his Nurgliac regeneration ability to 4+
I can’t fail the charge now as he’s so close I can see the puss oozing from his boils so in go my warriors and horsemen, unfortunately the chosen fail.  My shrine goes into his Purple warriors making the 12” roll needed!
My knights move round hit his big unit in the rear next turn.  Magic time and I roll 12 dice!  Wohoo! So that’s 6 each for each spell he knows…  I decide sod it, if I miscast he’s coming with me as well so I do.  First spell only just goes off so he loses a few warriors to extra boils.  The second one goes off with irresistible force.  He laughs until it turns out more of his guys are in trouble than mine…  we both lose a few warriors to the warp
Ok finally smashing time!  Or not… Our hero’s just yell in each others faces and I kill 3 of his warriors.  He then wipes out my horse (4 guys * 4 attacks!) and takes out 5 warriors (not that impressive considering).  I lose and leg it.  He attempts to reform to face my knights at his rear but can’t as he’s frenzied and fails to catch me luckily.  Feoutus  means he can only roll 1 D6 for pursuit, handy as I’d only gone 7”!
The warshrine and other warrior unit do nothing

Turn 4
He reforms his warriors to face my knights and kills one to magic.  My war shrine manages a few kills on his warriors.
In go my knights, chariot and chosen.  Carnage ensues as my Lord butchers his champion who was allowed to accept my challenge as while a war shrine is on the table ALL chaos champions have the eye of the gods rule.  I’ll have to remember this to save my sorcerers in future!  Our exalted hero’s butcher each other and the knights take out 5 warrors for 4 deaths in return.  Chariot does some impact kills and a few others and survives the hits back.  The chosen show why they are the best of the best and kill a load.  He kills a fair few back though and needs a 5 to stay in combat which he rolls.

Turn 5
The main combat is still a stalemate until in my go my warriors go into the rear as well.  He ends up running but is caught. At the end only my Lord, 7 warriors, my chariot, shrine and 4 of his tzeench warriors were on the table.  Blood for the blood god indeed!

That big block of warriors was scary.  4 attacks each with a 4+ armour save then a 4+ ward save! His downfall though was only having 3 units so couldn’t stop them getting surrounded and ground down.  He claims I was lucky the marauders ran but my knights with a Lord inflicted more than enough wounds to make him need double ones.  I don’t see that as luck!