Monday, 31 December 2012

The start of something Evil...

Mwhahahahahahaha... The time known as Christ Mass has been good to me and my minions have been sent scurrying to fetch me a force to assemble over the next few months

So what did I get?

Magma cannon
Hellshrieker rocket launcher 
3 Daemonsmiths
20 Skaven to convert to Hobgoblins via the piles of plastic in the little bags
15 Fenrisian wolves to make Hobgoblin riders (it specifically says in Tamurkhan they ride GIANT wolves)

These will be used as an add on force to my Warriors army until I get more units to make up a whole Chaos Dwarf force

As much as I like the models for CD I nearly didn't go with them as there wasn't enough conversion opportunities for them until I realized GW don't make Hobgoblins! A quick search on the net showed up the idea of using Skaven bodies with goblin heads so viola... or some other stringed instrument...

The question now is will I get the Dragon Ogres painted up before starting on these.  Any answers on a postcard should be no...

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