Tuesday, 9 December 2014


I was going to wait until the new year to start up again but why not now hey?  Hopefully it will give me more impetus to get things done.  I've done more but don't have them with me/didn't take pics

Here is what I've taken pictures of in 2014

 Slanesh character, Space Wolves Iron Priest and Dark Elf Lord.
The green stuff cable will be attached to the hammer not left like that

3 Dark Elf Sorceresses

 Based on Hellbron

 Harpy head on sorceress body.  I read somewhere that harpies were once sorceresses who grew too beautiful and the Dark Elf goddess became jealous and turned them into Harpies.  This one grew too bold too and was taught a lesson...

My take on the Space Wolf Black Reach model.

Wanted to do these for a while! Can't take em unless I ally but they were fun to make

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