Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Egil Ironfist conversion

Not sure if anyone is still reading this but here I go anyways

I'm toying with a list combining the Blackmane company and the Iron Company. So I need a Wolf Lord to lead one of them. I have the old metal Ragnar but thought I'd give myself the option of taking Egil as well

So here he is

The new iron priest's body. Wulfen claws and decoration. Space wolf head with the topnot, but cut off obviously. I also trimmed his hair back to give him a slightly older look. Then green stuff bionic eye. I hope it paints up ok
Bionic leg is from the Deathwatch marine and the foot is from the Thunderwolves kit. I had to trim it though as it was too big

Will have some painting to show soon I hope

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