Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Happy Birthday!

As Dr A pointed out it’s been a year since I started this blog and we started the 4 gamers project.  Time for a reflective entry then! Dooodle de dooo, dooodle de doo...

Reading my first post I wanted a 2000 points, well painted highly customised Chaos army well did I do it?  Here is a gratuitous whole army shot, can you guess?

Yep!  Without any upgrades, magic items  or marks etc I can make over 2500 so I’m really pleased.  Each model as had indivivual attention except for the dwarves.  I still want another block of warriors and then finish off the extras like an extra ogre and the other marauder horsemen.
Considering what my painting was like on my ex-bretonnians the painting standard can be classed as ‘well’ too :-D

Looking back on my battles it seems my sorcerers have been miscasting since the first game. I’m still not a great general and someone is still a girly cheating elf.  Chaos are very one dimensional to play with and with my armour saving being abysmal too all that armour ain't so scary.

The blogging has helped keep me somewhat more focused than I would have been otherwise making me get out the paint brushes more often than I would have otherwise.  

So I am more than happy with what I've done, hopefully by Christmas i'll finish it!


  1. You could of made the pictures bigger so we can see your glorious work without a magnifying glass.

  2. Waita minute... is that porn on the TV... Lee!!!!

  3. Argh! for some reason when I upload from my phone it only does small ones... I'll do bigger ones at months end.

    Ha ha no, I think it was a hollyoaks advert or summat. I did take another picture because of it but then forgot when I uploaded.

    Er I don't know. I have these to finish and my inquisitor and my ongoing wolves so it will be a while before I decide to do something new

  4. The fireglaives look great (as does the army as a whole), how well do they play though? I heard the chaos dwarfs were a little over priced at 18pts.

  5. Thanks rusty. I've only used them a few times and they haven't been that effective. First game out they only shot once spending all game getting into range, second time they didn't do much but their last game they did hold off some high elf silver princes thanks to their armour save and +1 Str in CC.
    I brought them after getting frustrated with flyers getting behind me and stopping me marching. The plan was they could stay behind and blast them but as I have to take a character with a particular rule from the Tamurkhan book at 85points it makes them very very expensive :-/