Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The wolves are back in town...

I got distracted... Opening up my space wolves made me miss them so i had to play with them and i traded some old minis for the new thunderwolves to make up another unit.

I painted up the two I converted from the thundertusks

Wolf lord.

I converted a tech priest model to sit on a wolf

The other guys

Green stuff cloaks

I couldn't resist the thought of a maniac jumping from a wolfs back so did this guy.

I put together another 12 grey hunters too from bits I found.  

I haven't forgotten chaos, I've painted up 2 chosen and the disc

Need a sorcerer now...

Quite chuffed with this guy.  I aimed slightly higher than normal as I may enter him into the painting competition

I only realized taking the photo the skulls need finishing.

Abaddon on foot will be my chosen hero.  Needs his fur finishing

That's it this month.  Been a pretty strange one


  1. those thunderwolves look loads better than the little skinny minnie ones u were using!!!

  2. And this month I can't complain about the bases. So when are we playing. We should organise a date... Warhammer or Legends?

  3. Legends! You choose bud i'm easy with no wife and kids :-P