Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I'm done early!

Despite a weird month which started off me going door to door in stupid heat around Brisbane, getting injured, then ill, then taking a 38 hour trip to get home in a room back at my parents in the land of my fathers (mum never was sure) I finished my target already :-)

The flaggellants turned out ok after a bit of experimenting. I wanted the skin to look dead and un-nourished so used dehneb stone with a black wash then a dry brush of stone again.

The vehicles are done finally. The chimeras have their names on the scrolls and a few other bits added.

I tried a bit of freehand flames on the storm raven which if you don't look to closely looks quite cool i think. The imperial guard pilot was nicked from a sentinel and makes more sense than a marine one.

And I added transfers to the Landraider.  The transfer paper is a bit thick for my liking but in most lighting they look ok so I'll stick with them.

I put gold edging on the door decor to match the stormraven

I'll maybe get chance to do something more but once again i'm job hunting which in this part of the world means finding the nearest Weatherspoon then sitting outside it drinking Stella Artois abusing passers by from 9am in the morning and i'm already late so ttfn!


  1. or8 lee!!!! looking gd for ur flags try tallarn flesh as a 2:1 with a grey colour like adeptus battle grey ull get a more pallid flesh look u can still wash it with ogryn flesh if u wana tone it back down

  2. The bases dude the bases... sort it out...