Sunday, 15 January 2012

Army progress

Ok it seems my adoring fans (well Dr A) have been missing me so i had best provide an update!

I've changed what I was going to do with one squad built for the Inquisitors and painting another of my chaos army.  I miss playing 40k so want to get my army built for that.  My Chaos boys can take a back seat for a while, I have 2000pts painted up of them so I can use that for now.

Storm raven gunship to take the fight to the enemy and capture objectives.  This is meant to be my lords personal transport so I wanted it to be suitably ornate hence all the extra decorations.  I will also be adding a lot of transfers to the ship trying to find some suitable images to print off once painted up.  I want my enemies in no doubt who is out to get them and fear his wrath!

Death cult assassins *10.  Based on the Wytch models I've removed most of the spikyness from them to try and give them their own look.  The plan is to green on masks like in the only two models GW have released for these models. These are really small and I cut myself at least 4 times doing them!  I also trimmed down the power swords a bit to make them less bulky and more elegant.

Crusaders *12.  I based these on Dark Angel bodies with Blood Angel heads and some empire knight arms.  The shields are Forgeworld and Grey Knight power swords. Sergeant has a different torso and hooded head.  I wanted them to not look like marines and without the shoulder pads and back pack I reckon they don't look to bad.

Servitors to provide some long range firepower though with BS3 and then scatter to account for (and my inevitable 1 for overheat rolls) I am not holding out much hope of any hits but 15pts for a plasma cannon ain't bad so hey ho.

Warrior Acolytes *10.  Obviously scout models but I've ordered a load of masked guard heads that should make them Different enough once painted up.  Got the inspiration for this idea from Big Dave.

A landradier to give much needed heavy fire and staying power to what is probably going to be a very brittle army.  Will also have more brass etched plaques on.

2 Chimeras to carry some troops around.  these will have the brass etched plates on but as i'm going to keep them gold i'll put them on after painting. i'm going to make up some different models to come out of the hatch to represent who's inside to remind me in  game as well as to look cool.

As I paint these I'll go through them in a bit more detail as they have been modded quite a lot.  Need to get my psycers finished (waiting for parts), the arco flagellants and another warrior acolyte unit up and running and then except for the main man himself and a few other models the army will be a go!

Stay vigilant and more importantly pure, because if not i'll be waiting...

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