Monday, 13 June 2011

Chaotic conundrum...

Well here I am half way through the month (nearly) and I've been trying out different armour styles.  My idea for the warriors are that they are all individual as they are not given a uniform like other armies but become a chosen warrior by completing a quest or doing a mighty deed.  Then when battle is called they would join up together in units.
Problem is I'm not sure its going to look that great...  I could limit the colour pallete and vary within that but doesn't seem as fun...  What do people think?

I've done 6 but the three below are the better ones. Choose a fave.  One thing I have decided is that i'm not great at lining and doing 40 warriors that way isn't for me!  Models aren't finished yet by the by...

Any thoughts on colours to match & contrast would be welcome too


  1. I like the idea of variety. It'll will make a big change from all those ironically uniformly painted Chaos armies. It will look better when it's the whole army, rather than just six guys.

    If anything you might want to go for darker, grimier colours.

    Oh, and you've got the apostrophes in the wrong places on your links. It's "Kieron's", not "Kierons'" as that would imply that there's a group of me.

  2. Totally agree with Kieron... your apostrophes are in completely the wrong place! lol

    Only joking. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished unit although I disagree with Kieron's suggestion of darker, grimier colours, maybe make the models darker and grimier with some mud? Quick question, is there any way of varying the weaponry? e.g. throw in a couple of axes or hammers to really individualise them?

    P.S. Check the first paragraph of Kieron's 'Tally Ho' for a spelling mistake, before he notices and fixes it.

  3. Cheers for comments.
    Variety is going well. I'm keeping the cloaks in a theme which helps tie em together. Also gonna go with a symbol on the helmet and each have the same shield to show them as a unit

    On the grimy colours point. The chaos gods are always brightly coloured so why shouldn't their followers be? I'm gonna have a few for each god and neutral ones

    Bases are gonna be snow so not sure mud will look good with shiny white. Will clean off the filth :)

    And damn on the apostrophes! As I was doing it I switched them round thinking I had done it wrong the other way. Bloody things...