Wednesday, 29 June 2011

End of month 1...


Well that seemed like it took a long time to get done.  I need to stop distracting myself with side projects.  I do have my space wolves to finish before toy soldier but I didn't need to get an army ready or make up a sorcerer...  Ah well, I'm done and with an extra standard bearer too!

I decided to keep the insides of the cloaks black to match the shields and try and tie the unit together.  The shields are magnatised so I can swap them for extra hand weapons if needed :)

Attempt at blending.  I did some ok.  Not a fan of the ott stuff some people do though, I prefer a more "real" look.  I added a few touches to the champions to make them stand out more too.

I've mis-placed the hero's arms... They will be under another pile of bits somewhere.  I'll add them on when I find them.

As I said above I made up a sorcerer model as well.  Here's a work in progress shot, I've greened up the hand now and sprayed him black so he doesn't photo well.

Quite chuffed with this model.  Took a bit to do the legs, I greened them all up then covered them with a dam sash anyways!
I'm gonna have him casting the screaming skull spell with flames and a skull writhing from his hand!

Target complete :)

Next months target
The 10 knights I put together for the battle painted up
The sorcerer finished and painted
Put together a warshrine model.

This is ambitious for me as it took all month for 11 models and the knights count as 2 each :s  Still have my space wolves to get ready to but as they say, aim for the stars and hit the sky.



  1. Where are their arms? Have you not decided whether to go for shields of extra hand weapons?

  2. Don't know what you mean... O:-)

  3. That's more like it.

    Although I'd have gone for extra hand weapons and the Mark of Khorne. :P

  4. Looking a lot better than when your fielded them against the pixies. Nah in fairness these look brilliant. Looking at everyone's units I feel my painting has some way to go... all this belnding you have time for...

  5. I'm not blending, if it make you feel better.

    Anyway, less of the humility Mr 'freehand designs and shaded creases in my flags'. What do you think if feels like for me here in Dipsville?

    Everyone's armies are looking excellent.