Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hi All

This is my attempt to motivate myself to keep going with this army after my initial surge of new project enthusiasm has wained...

Along with other members of my gaming club (Sheffield gimps!) i'm taking part in a "tale of 4 gamers" style competition.

My aim for this army is to have a small heavily customized and well painted army rather than go for a table top standard of painting and a larger force.  I have always loved the chaos models and my first ever model was the first metal Chaos Chariot which i will have to find somewhere :s

I'm choosing to follow Chaos undivided with a few characters choosing to favour certain deities simply because the models are cool! Initial army idea is as follows

2 units of Chaos Warriors
A unit of chosen made up of all the cool models GW and others have made over the years
A unit of Chaos Knights
A unit of Marauder horsemen
Mounted Chaos Lord
2 Sorcerers
A altar of Chaos

This should give me 2000 points and a solid force.  After that I want to make up some fun stuff like Chaos ogres, a giant and the Shaggoth hero.  I plan to heavily convert them all, i want every model in the army to be heavily armoured including the maruaders.

My starting force and Month 1 target

I bought a unit of warriors a few years back to nick their cloaks for my Space Wolf Wolf Guard.  I intended to make a chess set using Chaos models but never got around to it so have 8 models left.

My target this month is to use these models to try out armour colour schemes and use my fave to paint up the hero model i picked up on ebay.
Also get together some old metal knights as i prefer these to the new models but the new horses.  Should keep me busy on ebay as i want 20!

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