Wednesday, 17 August 2011

In gaming news I lost miserably to Mr Lucy's Elves...  Overgrown budgies stopped me moving and charging as I wanted and ridiculously long charge rolls meant my units were taken apart my at least two Elven units at a time.  Lessons learn from this one;

1 - I need some small units to disrupt my enemies movement and stop gaps in my lines to leave them none to disrupt me
2 - Death magic is fun
3 - I really really don't like High Elves!

Modelling wise I've had a good week getting 12 warriors done and my War Shrine finished (barring a few skulls as I ran out)
Progress is slow going with my death sorcerer as its more complicated than I thought and i'm having to green a lot.  My flesh hounds turned up this morning though so i can get my other chariot done :)

Once again all different but tied by black cloak linings and shields.  I need to do a transfer for the banner

I'm quite chuffed with this model.  I couldn't think what colour to do his "belt buckle" so did it in lots.  Very chaotic :)
He's black as according to the bumf in the book the majority of Norse are dark skinned despite GW painting all theirs as pasty white vikings.

So sorcerer, chariot and basing to go, 'till then...

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