Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Its been a while...

The end of the month is here and I've met my target : )  I even got some warriors half done when down visiting the folks and will boost my unit next month

One game since I last posted against the dreaded girly elves.  I really do resent going second and having re-rolls against me!  When my high initiative is my main asset having it taking away sucks balls...  Battle report here
It was a fun game though and thanks to Anuerin for hosting it.

Here is what I've gotten done.  12 warriors, 2 chariots built and the warshrine painted
Heads will go on the models in chariots once they are based so they aren't looking into the sky!  Still waiting for the warrior for the Khorn one to come from ebay.

I am really quite chuffed with how the warshrine turned out.  At certain points I thought it would look to unwieldy and bare but once the skulls were on it really made it come together and the base helps too.

Here is where I got with the sorcerer.  I have called it a day with him as i'm not happy with the pose, I can't get the legs right!  I may finish him just to get used to sculpting some more as I want to get into that.  Some parts you can't tell i've done but others are poor...
Instead i'm going to buy the Astorath the grim model and convert him instead but can't find him on ebay cheap enough yet though I may plump for the new finecast model for ease of conversion.  To replace him in the target I did 12 warriors rather than 6.

So for next month...  Hmm...  After playing games now I am starting to think more about units to help me win rather than just looks.  I would like a big marauder unit and have read up on how best to kit them out.  at 4 points a model for a WS4 initiative 4 core model is excellent so just a big unit of these would soak up fire then hits and should still hit back well.  Equip with shields and light armour for 5+ then 6+ ward save for 6 points each and with the mark of Tzeench for a 5+ ward save will make them quite durable.
I also like the idea of two hand weapons or a great weapon.  Aaaargh! to many decisions!

What are peoples thoughts on this?
I like the idea of them armed individually to fit in with the chaotic nature of the army however this won't wash in tournaments so.  If I did 10 models with hand weapon and shield, 10 with flails and 10 with two weapons etc then whichever 10 is on the front rank the whole unit counts as armed like them?  This means its easy to see for opponents and I don't have to choose!

Target for September
16 marauders built (with conversions for more armour)
Paint chariots
Convert and paint new sorcerer model

That's all folks...

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  1. Technically, more than half the models in the unit should be armed with the correct weapons, not just the front ranks.

    I'd work on the basis of which mark you are going for:
    Khorne = Great Weapons, all out attack
    Tzeentch = Shields, defensive grind
    Nurgle = Extra Weapons, combo of both, not as good as either
    Slaanesh = Marauder Cavalry and small units

    How do you want to use them?

    Shrine looks great btw.