Monday, 8 August 2011

Beaten by old bones...

Grrr, the first time my new Harry Model gets into combat against Craigs Tomb Kings and he disgraces himself by running away!  From skellies!  He caused 1 wound on the Heriophant and then 16 attacks from the unit caused another 2 to crumble!  3 wounds from 21 WS5 S4 attacks!
Still in most of the rest of the game I was rolling extremely well and Craig extremely badly (double 1 for his giants charge sticks out).
I'm not to bothered about losing at the mo until I have a better idea of what i'm doing.  A few lessons were learnt in this game;

1: Ranking up correctly is muy importante
2: Make sure I move my units in the right order so I don't get stuck behind myself
3: Fire magic is pretty pants if you don't get the right spells and don't get the bonus for multiple attacks on a unit
4: My knights need new armour as not one made a freaking save!
5: I need an army standard
6: I need to tailor magic items better to the army i'm facing
7: War hounds are not crap :D

Ta for the game and lessons Craig :)

I'm playing a 2400 pointer next week so I need to get my chosen unit built, a lord and another warrior unit raised to make up the points.

Onto the modelling side.  I'm pleased with my scratch build chariot using the spiky bits from the 40k chaos rhino

From a pile of bits to...

I'm going to have a converted Crom the conqueror model as the warrior in this one.  I figured you wouldn't get a fully blown warrior as a "driver" so used a marauder model instead.  Once painted he will be holding the chains as reins.
I'm going to have a second chariot pulled by two flesh hounds and done up as a Khorn follower simply because it will look cool!

War shrine is coming along nicely.  I need to do the altar and sorcerer then add a load of skulls into it to cover the floor.  Am also wondering whether to include weapons etc as just skulls may be to Khornate.

I still cannot find my knights weapons... Or my champions hands.  Maybe its Tzeentch's way of telling me to give them tentacles instead?

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