Friday, 27 January 2012

How to turn a ghoul into an arco flagellant

I wasn't about to pay £50+ for a unit of ten metal flagellants so i decided to make my own using the fantasy ghoul models.  So even though its taken a while here are 10 plastic flagellants!

I cleaned them up first taking off the spines and bones through their flesh etc and filed all the parts down smoothly.  I put the heads on next

To make the mask I balled up some green stuff roughly the size of the head

Then using a size 0 flat clay shaper wrapped the putty around the head.  The fact all the ghouls have long jaws is excellent as it pretty much gives the right shape for no effort!
By the way since I've started using clay shapers i have found it so much easier to "push putty" there are loads of clips on youtube showing techniques.  I always keep the shaper wet. I use medium firmness but occasionally thing firm would be good

I wanted to put the mark of the inquisition on them in a better way than a transfer to used one of the brass etched forge world symbols.  I glued it to a tool making sure it was supported all the way along so it didn't bend and then just pushed it into the still soft putty.

I wasn't to happy with this effect so tried a reversal.  I rolled some putty around another tool then rolled it over a symbol to make an impression.  MAKE SURE ITS WET or you will end up with the symbol in the roll.  leave this overnight so the masks and mold go hard

Put a really small ball of putty on the mask and roll the mold over it.  you may need to tidy up the edges carefully.  I found the best way was to use a really small tool while the clay is still soft.

Next up I sculpted on the back of the loincloth.  I figured the inquisitor wouldn't wanna be looking at a load of flabby flatulent (see what i did there) ass.  I put a roll of putty along the waist line and then pulled it down using a clay shaper.  (forgot to take pics of this part sorry)

I put the arms on with the hands still attached to try and get a natural swing of the arms so the model didn't look unnaturally awkward.  Though i did want them to look unwieldy.

I snipped the arms off then drilled in metal wire to sculpt the putty around.  Note i tried doing this part without the wire and it didn't work as the arms would sag out of place and look unnatural and wrong.

I then rolled putty around the arms and smoothed it over the wire. I had to file down some of them to make it properly smooth.  leave a bit of wire free at the end to attach the flail!

I didn't want the arms to look like tentacles, these are grafts after all so i put a small roll of putty at the tops of the arms to separate the flesh from the graft to make it clear where the flesh ends.  When i paint them up this will make it easier too.

The finished gang!  I need to get my hands on a load of purity seals to add to them but other than that i'm really happy with them.  Hope you like :)

Coming up next; Light saber wielding psykers!