Monday, 30 January 2012

January end of month progress

So as to try and get the year started off on the right foot here is my progress this month.  And wow I've gotten through quite a bit.  I did start in the last week of December

10 psykers, 10 arco flagellants, 10 acolytes with storm bolters, 10 acolytes with hellrifles, 12 crusaders, 10 death cult assassins, 4 servitors and a previously painted assassin.

Basic colours are on the chimeras just need shading and transfers adding. 

 The psykers.  Could have done with thicker rod for the staves but hey ho.  These will be chained together to an inquisitor acolyte once painted.  Why doesn't GW produce more open hands and straight arms?!

Servitor ready for duty.  Have ordered an imperial guard pilot for the front seat.

Landraider has a few finishing touches to go and transfers to add

 I am going to try and do something more with the plain I as i'm not happy with how it is by itself.  Maybe paint a border around it.

I haven't forgotten about my Chaos boys.  Here is my death/Tzeench sorcerer onna horse.  Shading the Dheneb stone is hard, i'm still not 100% with it on the horse.  Suggestions?

I like the purple/stone contrast.  The only thing is he looks very clean when ranked in with the knights.  I don't want to wash him though as I don't think it would look right.  I wanted the oval to stand out more so i gave it a yellow ink wash

There must be about 30 layers of paint on this cloak and in the end I've left it as it is.  In the future i'm sticking to dark colours!

All i have left for the army now is the main man himself (who's on his way) with his personal retinue and i'll have a legal 1750 list.  There are some more things i'll add to in the future but not until this lot is painted up (lets see how long that lasts)

I'm keeping an open mind on targets again as I like just picking up what I feel like.  Also I should hopefully start getting supply work through once my paper work is complete so free time will go quickly especially as the monsoon season is also over (apparently).

May the Emporer protect/Nurgle give you really big ass boils... Till next time...


  1. You tried starting with a basecoat of Snakebite under the stone?

    DOn't you finish models these days?

  2. I had the same plain look problem for my inquisition land raider, I'll put some picks of it up so you can see what I did!

  3. I'll give that a go next time Dr A. I've washed him now and will put him up soon.

    Cheers Matt look forward to it. Colour printers are only cheap here so tempted to go down that route and get funky transfers