Friday, 10 February 2012

2 games and only one loss!

First of all i'm declaring the sorcerer done so here he is.  I've highlighted the armour some more though it doesn't really show in the pics.  I washed and highlighted the bone areas and added more shading.  He fits in better with the others now except for his nice clean cloak but hey ho...

I played two games yesterday with the Inquisition.  First one was a paintballs only face off against a shooty Grey Knight army with a Dawn of war setup with 5 objectives which I narrowly lost 2-1.  Needed a bit more luck on my invulnerable saves and I could have had a draw on the last turn

Second game was a Spearhead setup and bases against an Ulramarine army (the Emporer will be disappointed in them).  We ended up taking each others bases though I claim a moral victory as in the last but one turn I could have moved a squad onto my own objective to claim it but instead charged a Dreadnought in the rear thinking i'd take it out first and move on it last turn.  In the CC phase I then realise i'm no longer playing Space Marines where everyone has krack grenades and I can't hurt the bugger and so was trapped in combat with it.  Grrr...
Funny episode of this game involved Marnius Calgar who in turn one had his Landraider shot out from under him then took 2 wounds and 4 models from his bodyguard as my servitor plasma cannons managed direct hits  on him! (after which they took the day off)
Turn 2 he lost another bodyguard and wound from a shot in the face from my assassin (always wear a helmet kids) After that i'll let some pictures do the talking...

Turn 3 charges my warrior acolytes
He kills 1
 Turn 4
A few more die
 Turn 5
Come on Calgar only one left...

Here's a situation to prove how foolish some 40k rules are (pic below). His Techmarine can fire 4 shots that burrow underground and then come up under my death cult assassins from this position!  No minimum distance despite it being an artillery piece...  Luckily one survived to chop him to little pieces next turn the cad. 

Learning points:
If I use the army right its actually quite balanced, I do lack long range but found if either the psykers, servitors or Landraider manage a decent hit per turn they can be devastating enough to negate this.
I need to write a list of the special rules i need to remember each round as there are to many and I forget them all.

Death Cult Assassins = Rock da bomb.  Game one ate a 10 man marine squad, a Dread Knight and mopped up another marine squad.  Were unlucky not to get through some more thanks to me failing to roll enough 6's on 40 dice against his Dread Knight.
Game 2 mashed another 2 squads and his cheating Techmarine.
Weakness to getting shot at if left in the open...

Arco flagellants = Useful.  Didn't do much first game as I had to sit them on an objective.  Second game charged the same squads as the assassins but there wasn't anything left for them to kill.  They were a useful distraction though and at st5 with 4 attacks well worth taking
Weakness to getting shot at if left in the open...

Crusaders = Hmmm.  I didn't use these right.  Despite being only armed with power swords and shields they are not close combat beasts.  First game they saw off squad of marines after them being shot up by my warriors first.  Second game they held off a weakened scouts squad then stupidly charged the Dreadnought.  I think i'll either use them to sit on an objective or be cheesy and mix them up with other squads to give them staying power.
Weakness = Combat (which seeing as they're not allowed guns is a right pain)

Psykers = Ok.  When they hit it hurts and at 100 points for 10 they're cheap enough that if they only do it once then they get the points back.  If they do it turn one then they really draw fire!  Even in the second game they made my opponent nervous enough to attract an inordinate amount of his attention.
Weakness = in combat or getting shot at

Warroir Acolytes;
With Stormbolters = Worthwhile.  I took 8 so 16 st4 shots at 24 inches is not to be sniffed at.  Sat on an objective and combined with Coteaz's "I've been expecting you" rule (can shoot at units who have deep struck near them) is very useful.  They made a few holes in squads both games
With Hotshot Lasguns = Hmmm.  I used them in a chimera to give mobile fire support to my combat squads.  however short range of 18" or only 12" when moving at only BS3 and ST3 doesn't cause a lot of wounds.  After 4 rounds of shooting in game one they managed around 5 kills.  Game two they did tie up Calgar quite nicely but at 9 points a model they are a tad pricey.

Techmarine armed with orbital bombardment = Hell yeah!  Caused all sorts of fun for me.   He joined with Coatez both games and merrily bombarded away.  Shame its so inaccurate most of the time but when it hits its fun fun fun!
Weakness = So far not found one provided he's in a unit to avoid being sniped.

Vinicare Assassin = Me gusta muy mucho.  Got more than his points back both games, Game 1 he took out a Librarian and Terminator whilst drawing a lot of fire before dying.  Game 2 wounded Calgar then took out a Thunderfire cannon before leaping into combat to save his Lord wiping out 7 marines before getting overwhelmed.
Weakness = massed fire to the face

Lord Inquisitor Coatez, Lord of Formosa = W..T...F...  For that title he should have his enemies quaking in their boots but no...  Ok he's only 100 points and my opponents didn't deep strike near him but other than that he did nothing much.  He took out a few marines before dying game two but without an invulnerable save and striking last thanks to his big hammer means I really don't want him in combat.  Only armed with a pistol and a bird for long range he's no use there either.  I take him because I have to.
I didn't get to use his psychic abilities so maybe if they come in useful in the future then he may grow on me.
Weakness = Combat and Shooting...

Stormraven = Good.  For its ability to deep strike then allow units to assault after moving its worth the 225 points.  It didn't do much shooting wise (ok it did squat) but it attracts a lot of fire meaning the rest of my army is left alone.  Extra armour is a MUST.
Weakness = The astounding ability to be able to miss a very very large thing right in front of it with lots and lots of guns, lots and lots of times...

Ok that's helped me clarify a few things in my own head so the fact no one else read it doesn't matter :)

Next time the finished Vehicles and a proper battle report after a few more games


  1. I read it. I'm no expert on 40k but maybe Coatez might be best run with the Crusaders as a bodyguard? They are good enough in combat that they can die for him and allow him to swing his hammer. Not sure how this would impact on the combo you want with him and the Acolytes.

  2. Lo. Ta for that but unfortunately in the first round of combat Coatez can be targeted regardless of who he's with so he would still die. With the shooty squad he puts off people deep striking as he has a special rule allowing them to have a free pot shot. He also needs to be with the servitors or they can stop working (amazingly the Techmarine doesn't help here)