Tuesday, 28 February 2012

End of Feb & Re-enforcements

I've been quiet on here but I've been slowly plodding along with the army.  I've had another few games - losses, which has led me to tweak my army a little.  I've found I don't have enough long range fire power especially as when it comes to rolling for damage I can't seem to make more than a 3 which means lots of tanks around with no weapons but crucially still alive and worth points.  Razza frazza grrr...
The other problem is people twig on very quickly that my close combat squads don't have grenades and can't hurt armour meaning they hide in cover and or send in a walker against them to tie them up for the rest of the game.  More grr

So I've added some new additions and ordered some more.
First up my cheaphammer Coteaz turned up from home.  I had put him together when I got the space marine commander sprue's a part of an ebay lot ages ago.  I had painted the armour already but everything else needed doing.  As I was getting majorly fed up with painting Crusaders I finished him as a reward.
I had to give him a bolt pistol too as he isn't allowed the storm bolter I originally gave him.

The crusaders have gotten themselves into trouble against armour so here is a Banisher to help them out.  it fits in with their background as they're Ecclesiarchy troops it makes sense they would have a "priest" along.
At 2D6 +3 strength he could potentially even pop a Landraider!
He was pre-made but had a lantern and chainsword originally so I made him the eviscerator for tank twatting duties and re-positioned the arms and painted him up as he would be joining my only painted unit so far.

The book is there to look up daemon names and the prayer on the front is the banishment prayer.  I need to make up transfers for the book. i kept the lantern as I like the idea of him bringing the Emperors light etc...

And here is the finished crusaders unit.  I've lost a shield somewhere.

The crusaders are based on Dark Angel veterans so needed the back pack bit removing.

I haven't finished the vehicles as the transfer paper I ordered doesn't work on black!  So I've ordered some that does and will get them done soon.  I have added some extra details.  Proper Latin too!  I always wish I had 3 hands when working with transfers the fiddly buggers.

Here's a shot of the transfers.  Took a lot of time as they are mostly hand made but well worth it to add the detail I can't paint!  When I've done the finished ones i'll show a better pic

And here is a highlight from one of the games I played.  10 meltaguns at double penetration range (suits you sir) and they managed to knock off a Lascannon!  They were promptly massacred by the flagellants who popped out next turn righteously pissed off at the of the Eldar scum.  Oh no that's it they SHOULD have been massacred (50 st5 hits) but they weren't,  it was definitely a game of my luck is worse than yours as at the end of the game I think there were only 5 units dead between us and lots of weaponless tanks.

Til next time!

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