Wednesday, 7 March 2012

March targets

Well working for a living certainly buggers up free time.  I resent having to do it but unfortunately i've yet to find someone to pay me to sit on my arse all day and i'm over qualified for a council or university job so hey ho.

Also the Queensland governments refusal to follow the rest of the worlds lead in having daylight savings means whilst I do get a lot of sunlight here its only in the bleeding mornings from 4am and you can sod off if i'm getting up to paint at that time.

I've painted a test model up for my hot shot lasgun acolytes.  I wanted them to be black, any colour as long as it's black as a famous dead dude once said.  I had to put in a few other colours too but I was very excited finding a metallic black to use for the carapace.  The red shoulder pad is to tie him in with the other units and vehicles.
I would like opinion though as to whether he is to black?

I'm pleased by his visor, layering a few washes got the gradient effect I wanted though the picture doesn't show it to well.

By the end of March I want to finish the flagellants, acolytes and the vehicles.  The vehicles are pretty much done but still need a few finishing touches


  1. Liking the colour scheme. Think once the base is finsihed it will stand out more. How are you going to base them? Needs to be high contrast... green flock?

  2. green flock wont work its 41st millenium their is no grass!!!!

    secondly nice work lee as for the black try a highlight of adeptus battle grey if u have any or can afford some iv been using itrecently to highlight black and its awesome

  3. Im gonna go with the same basing as my Chaos boys and then when i get around to making a table and terrain they will all match. Should contrast ok methinks.
    Cheers Jim. They are highlighted in that grey but the pics don't show it to well. Im not a fan of heavy highlighting preferring the subtle look. I did consider highlighting the carapace but reasoned they would dull it down as they are supposedly special ops.
    More pics ups soon in better light hopefully.