Sunday, 18 March 2012

Black is back baby...

Well two surprising things this update.  First thing is that Australia is sunny right?  Well not when its bloody convenient and certainly not this last week!  I've been wanting to paint more in natural light and also get a chance to take some photos.

Second thing is that I got distracted... I found a penitent engine on ebay for a tenner so couldn't resist.  It was very badly painted with a lot of thick layers so took about 4 films to strip properly.  I used pine clean (no dettol here) and I think it would be great for less gunked models but for this I should have used something stronger.  Like a nuke or summat.

I remember reading about these when they first came out and i'm sure that somewhere was mentioned about them being made from brass.  Initially I tried black to tie in with my other vehicles but I didn't like it so I brassed over it and then picked out the details.  Its not the best paint job in the world.  I didn't manage to get all the old paint off so some details are a little obscured.  The reds look flat in the photos but I promise they are shaded

I miss my dremel as it took a good hour or so to remove the weapon from one of the arms with just a knife.  I needed to fit the auto cannons nicked from the chimera sprues.  I also had to snap an arm and leg then pin back in place to get the pose I wanted of it lurching forwards

And I finished the warrior acolytes who sadly are now dropped from the list to be replaced by the engine.  I really didn't want to especially after getting them finished but they just don't do a lot except get taken apart :(

Next post will have the long awaited vehicles and the flagellants who are coming along nicely

I've not managed a game this month due to work, injury and general laziness as it was a bit of a hike to get to the one club I was free for.  I'll finish off by showing you the letter from the Dr though I have blanked out which one to save embarrassment.  Kieron look away now...


  1. "he DENIED any impact injury"... that doc thinks you're a lying cheat... he knows you so well! Wait hang on a minute...

    Great miniatures.

  2. He asked me 4 times if I had been hit! I'd much rather a war story of me heroically putting my body on the line for the cause but nope I quite simply twisted funny...