Monday, 30 April 2012

The end of another month and I’m in a different place again now back up North.  I’ve got the hero finished, 4 horsies, the Helcannon and despite what Dr A thinks 10 more warriors.  I’ve also made myself a tray as I was fed up of packing everything back up.  £27 for a GW one or steal some of my Grandads wood and tools for free :)  Us ICT teachers are constructive unlike some colleagues ;-)

Here are the marauder horse.  I'm keeping the dark skin the same.  I've tried different ways of highlighting it and don't like it.  If you look at truly dark skin it has very little if any tone to it.

I'll base them all together once done.

I based the hellcannon as I wanted to use it in the Cardiff clubs campaign.

And the hero with banner of the gods.  125points to cause terror and give units within 6" stubborn and the obvious re-rolls for being a bsb.  Expensive but the way I lose combats and roll break tests invaluable.

I played Jimbo at 40k with my Inquisition army last week and he very nicely let me win 6-1.  My pathetically weak army scared him so much he deployed (he can deep strike every unit) across in the other corner of the board and let me shoot him piece meal while my death cult jumped in and out of the stormraven taking out his weaker and slower units in combats.  Cheers Jim :-p


  1. Why are they riding my little ponies? Pink? Seriously? That will be the prime target for my entire 'manly' elf army from now on!

    I tired my first 'dark' skin on one of my cowboys... I started with dark brown (like you have)... then highlighted with snakebite leather (it almost looks orange in comparison)... then I did a brown wash (flesh/reikland) followed by a black/oil wash... seemed to work in the end. Especially when you put the eyes in...

  2. yea yea ill play better next time lol

  3. Im doing one for each chaos god so there will be a red and green one too. If you read the bumf they should be multi coloured with mutations and all sorts but hey ho. And by all means shoot them that's why they're there :-)