Friday, 6 April 2012

Back to Chaos...

Figuratively and modelling wise.

Living back with the folks means I can't leave my stuff out and my familiar keeps trying to help by attacking my paintbrush.  I didn't get anything extra done last month thanks to a family party that took over my house for a week.

Watching and waiting...

I fancied a change from my Inquisitor army and couldn't resist painting my Hellcannon.

I wanted runes on the stonework to bind the deamon to the machine.  Hopefully it looks like dried blood

I wanted to keep it undivided so made the wheels black and gold like the other elements of the army

I think i'm getting the hang of brass now.  I washed the face plate in red to make it stand out from the bulls head

The crew are painted up like my other Dwarves.

For the rest of the month I'll get these 10 warriors done and then see what I fancy.  I'm waiting for a CRB check to come through before I can get supply work.

And off topic I've been reading this guys books.  Very good if you like Historical fiction and it really really really makes me want to paint up a load of Hoplites and go marching about squewering horsies.  So ya never know as I finish these two projects off I may move into the realm of historical wargaming if I can find some nice models.

You can get them at the works 3 for a fiver.  Bargain


  1. "Living back with the folks"

    Does this mean you're back in the country?

    As to Hoplites, Warlord Games bought the Immortal plastic range which are good if a touch spindly (human proportions) compared to GW stuff. Wargames Factory, as ever, do cheap and cheerful boxes of plastics. Victrix are bringing out (or may have done so already) a very good plastic box. Foundry do eye-wateringly expensive models which are brilliant. Crocodile games do '300' style Spartans. I could go on...

  2. mmmmm lookin gd better than the metal/fine cast GW one

    dried blood i use 1:1 mix of red/brown wash blood red and ard coat

    brass is 1 of those metallic colours i dotn like using but i have found a method that makes them easier to apply adding brown to the mix makes the layers easier to do so have a try at that ull also get a nicer layer rather than the first layer or so being patchy as it builds up

  3. Cheers Kieron. Yep back home (keep up :p ) Some of those models look great. I remember looking as a teen and not liking any I found but it seems things have moved on a lot since! Not sure I could handle joining the history corner though :-/

    I used merchite red mixed with scorched brown then outlined a little in brown jim. It looks ok and if I play with it to much i'm just gonna make it worse