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Howdy.  I'm blogging through a mobile phone connection so after several attempts to upload the pictures here I am

I played in a multiplayer game of fantasy the other day, 6000 points a side with myself, Mark & Mr Lucey each taking 2000pts of WoC vs an Allied force of High Elves (Dan) and Dwarves (Collin)

We set up in a very lets get everything down quick because Paul was late and we need to get started kind of way.  Having the smallest part of the Chaos force I was deployed first on the left.  The good alliance seemed to pap themselves at all the armour and moved a hell of a lot to face me.  Mark kindly backed me up with a horde of flailed Khornate marauders and some doggies for the war machines on the hill.

I’ll concentrate on my side mainly as it was too much to take in.  My army was a lvl4 Tzeench sorcerer in a bodyguard of marauders, 24 chaos warriors with a hero bsb and lvl 1 fire sorcerer, 10 knights, warshrine & hellcannon.

We set up like this

Turn 1

The chaotic alliance went first and en mass moved forwards as fast as possible (suprise surprise) except for the 4 hellcannons.

Magic saw Paul waste 3 dice trying to fry some elven chariots before I took the power dice off them and cast infernal gateway on the Pheonix guard facing my warrior unit.  The good alliance didn’t look bothered as they were just going to Dwarven rune it so just to annoy them I cast it with irresistible force on 6 dice making 9 elves mutate horribly into piles of tentacles and gloop.  Knowing my luck for miscasts I’d taken the conjoined heamoculos to allow me to modify the damage so 4 marauders bit the dust and my sorcerer took a wound thanks to only using the small template rather than the biggie.

In the shooting phase I managed a hit on the phoenix guard again smoking another 5 elves, suddenly they weren’t looking so tough.  The other hellcannons causes carnage on the tightly packed lines of the good side.
In the good turn there were a few units shuffling along the lines but very little movement forwards (surprise surprise).  Magic was a damp squip thanks to only 2 mages at level 1 & 2 being on the board and my sorcerer dispelling everything they attempted.

The chaos alliance hunkered down in the shooting but I escaped with only losing 4 knights (passing NO armour saves as normal) and a few marauders from the reaver bow fire.  Most of the fire went into the hordes of marauders in the centre with the loin cloth armoured troops taking a battering when the machines actually managed a hit.

(End of turn 1 movement)  I was in trouble with my knights being threatened by 2 units in the flank if Ii charged the dwarves on the hill.  I wished I had more units to cover flanks

Turn 2

Charge!  The warhounds had to chage the dwarves on the hill thanks to a sneaky magic item in that unit. I decided to charge my knights charged the unit in the woods rather than take a flank charge off them in the next go, I lost two to tree damage...  The warriors failed a charge on the Reavers as they fled (girly fecking elves)

In the centre and right flank some faster units made it into contact with the foe there.
The magic phase saw me take the dice off Paul as I needed help on the left and my sorcerer could cause pain.  I got pandemonium off and then cast infernal again with irresistible force.  It didn’t do too much this time taking out a few of the unit facing the knights.  The resulting power drain took the rest of the dice in the pool.

Shooting saw nothing from me as I had moved the hellcannon up in case the Reavers danced in behind my warriors (I needed more units) but the other infernal engines caused pain across the board.
In combat my knights died in droves leaving the banner and champion against a lot of st6 strike first & re-rolling elves (note to oneself ask what units do before charging them…).  I passed a break test though!  The dogs got butchered by the dwarves and fled.  Elsewhere on the board combats went well for chaos but the stubbornness and high leadership of the enemy meant no-one ran.

In the good guys turn the warmachines continued to whittle down the hordes and I lost a few more warriors and marauders.  My last two nights died and now my warriors had two units threatening each flank.  An irresistible miscast from the elven mage in the phoenix guard thins there numbers even more only for the sake of a warrior.

Turn 3

Charge! Oh wait, some fat little midget has blown a horn meaning leaderships have to be taken in order to charge.  My warriors at leadership 9 (thanks to eye of the gods roll) and 2” away from the reavers FAIL!  Argh!  The horde of marauders go into the dwarves on my left and mass charges go in across the board.  Things look grim for the good guys as a lot of men reach their lines.

I move my warshrine up to block any charges by the St6 elven unit in the woods but can’t do anything about the Lions behind them.  My hellcannon goes berserk and charges a whole 4” towards the elven dragon mage.

Once again I steal the magic dice and roll high though my attempt to give the marauders a hero fails as it gets dispelled.  With the failed charge my warriors are in trouble so I cast infernal on the Lion warriors and the whole lot get sucked into the warp. Excellent…

Combat see’s chaos wins across the board and some smaller elven units flee but the Khornate marauders fluff their lines and counce off the dwarves only killing a few and losing a lot.  They outpace the stunties.  Thanks for the help Mark!

The good guys move and sure enough the reavers dance around my flank, the st6 unit that took out my knights charge the warshrine but I flee with it to take them out of the game so they couldn't reform on my rear.  It dies but it’s a sacrifice worth making.

The elven mage in the phoenix guard miscasts again and this time the unit legs it! Mwhahaha…  Thanks to my haemoculos I turned his fate to a worse one.

Shooting is minimal thanks to most Dwarven machines being tied up in combat.  The warriors take a few hits and so do the marauders.  The reavers finish the last of the marauder bodyguard and my sorcerer lord looks vulnerable. 

Turn 4

My warriors turn to face the st6 unit as even if the phoenix guard rally they are too far away to affect me.  The Hellcannon goes berserk again and goes into them.  Any other unit and I’d have confidence it would do damage but not this lot.  The khornate marauders flee the board!

I cast infernal gateway on them taking a disappointingly few models off the board.

In the good turn the elves chop the hellcannon up and its game over as chaos win the right and centre battles.

Just out of interest we see what would happen between my warriors and the st6 elven unit.  I’d have had the charge but take hits first.  My champion challenges theirs and they do nothing.  They cause 8 wounds on me and outrageously I make 5 6+ armour saves then another 5+ ward save meaning only two warriors bite the dust. I hit back and 8 elves die meaning I win a combat! It would have been interesting to see what would have happened in further rounds but it was late and we had to pack away.


I needed more units to support combats, the Knights taking so much damage was unfortunate and the marauders legging it was outrageous.  My magic was excellent and irresistible force meant that the Dwarven runesmith could do nothing about it.  Sacrificing marauders to the cause was well worth it (evil laugh)

On another note I played Wayne at legends of the wild west (or old west?)  I liked it a lot except when I had the sheriff holed up in the bank my leader and two toughs decided to head for the hills when the town was theirs for the taking!  Razza frazza grr...

Modelling wise I've started painting more horsies and some chosen.  I was thinking about a lvl 4 sorcerer on a disk to minimize miscast damage but as i'm poor I've scratch built one.  I won't take credit for thinking of using a flying base as I've seen it before.

Support for the tentacles learnt from my flagellants.

Plasti-card spikes

Molded eye using green stuff then a sharp edge to create a funky texture for the skin

Til next time

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  1. I see I'm not the only one into the odl west then... we need a shoot out. Quicker than warhammer and you don't need to bring any models;)