Saturday, 9 July 2011

July so far...

Ok for me I've been pretty bloody productive so far!

I've put together my warshrine.  just need to decide on a few finishing touches for it now.  I can't decide whether to put a row of skulls at the front or carry the spikes around.
I originally wasn't going to put an altar in.  A shrine isn't an altar but I got the sorcerer model in a bundle deal and don't want to use him elsewhere.  Also I didn't know what to do for a shrine.  So i'm gonna stick a dagger in his hand and use it as an altar.  I have new front wheels on order to match the back ones as well.
Warshrine = about £8.  Cheaphammer that :)
Not 100% about the warriors weapons either... I figured pulling a great big metal wagon they may wanna rest their weapons a little, so slung them on their shoulders.  also toyed with giving them a banner each but thought that may look a little ott?

I've done some horsies too, they need touching up a bit.  I've gone for the same techniques as for the warriors with different colours to individualise them.  I'm keeping to 2 rules though.  If it looks like bone, paint it bone and if in doubt as what colour to paint it leave it black.  This will then tie them all together I hope.  Along with black shields and brown capes to match the foot troops.

Chaos sorcerer is nearly done, just a few tweaks to do!  I'm going to have two sorcerers, one fire and one of death.  So I've tried to paint him in his element but didn't wanna go orange like the empire wizards.
Will take better pics when he's fully done

And lastly because Rich is marking me down for not showing my space wolves! Here is progress on them so far.  I've also re-put together my thunder wolves, just waiting for some shoulder pads before I paint them up.  Only going for tabletop quality with these as they will be rarely used outside toy soldier.

Till next time folks!


  1. I have an elf head ready and waiting for you on Saturday!

  2. I like the look of the shrine so far, I'll keep an eye on how that progresses...