Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Busy busy busy...

Phew, that was a week of furious painting.  I was sitting down at about 5pm ish then painting until 12 whilst watching crap TV.  Did see a film called keeping mum that I would never have watched otherwise and it was surprisingly good, very strange though...
I've found this makes me able to sit down for longer periods as I don't get bored as quickly.  Only thing is I need to get a bigger table for the living room so I don't have to sit on the floor.  My ass is still aching!  (No smut needed please...)

Anyhoo... All this was in aid of getting my space wolves ready for Toy Soldier. I've uploaded the pics here.  Quite chuffed that I won best painted for 40k!  Though to be honest the competition was really really poor overall.
I managed 2 wins, 2 losses and a draw (technical victory though as it was 11-9) to finish 14 out of 32.  Not bad for my first tournament

Onto my Chaos boys.  I have made no progress painting wise but in 4 days I need to get my knights done and two horsies.  Should be ok...
I did win my first game of Warhammer on Friday against the Chivalrous Kieron.  Battle report is here. to be fair I didn't need to do a lot as you can see, this isn't a slight on Kieron, just the way the board was set up and me having invincible saves!.  I was disappointed Harry didn't get into combat but the sheer thought of facing him was enough to make the peasants run like the cowards they are!

The war shrine giving this unit an extra +1 to armour really helped here as I had deployed next to a haunted mansion.  This was more effective than the peasant archers who couldn't hit a barn door if it was sleeping with their cousin, who is also their sister, auntie and wife...

More bits from ebay have arrived so i'm already thinking about next months target.  It's tricky as I have no real idea what I need to add until I play more games.  Simply marching this lot up did the trick against Kieron but against Anuerin I got wiped out.  I think that was down to having 2 small warrior units though vs a big one.  Oh and Kieron doesn't cheat :D

Right, i'm off to buy a nice comfy cushion and some plasters.  Chaos models are spiky and I've cut myself more in the last 2 months than in the last 2 years!



  1. Well done on the best painted. The most I've ever got was a most sporting, or as I like to call it, the 'losing with style' award. :)

  2. We both cheated... I just cheated and won! 8-D

    We could always have a re-match. Kieron... can I raid Lee's ships in the sea of claws? Could make for an interesting battle ground... lets see you march across water!