Monday, 18 July 2011

Don't panic!

Aaaargh! Toy soldier is in 4 days and I have more space wolves to paint than I thought... 4 terminators, a wolf priest and two rhinos to finish. Plus another long fang for the other squad and a guy with a power fist.
I have now done my long fangs to gaming standard and my Thunder Wolves are done a bit better.  I'm quite proud of these.  They started off like this and now they are like this.  Though for this months target puroses I had already painted the wolves.
Will take better photo's when Its better light, not night time.  Oh and they're on flickr because I wanna keep this on my Chaos boys...

Which brings me to this gorgeous model here...

Sigh...  He has been kept on my desk so I can look at him.  I didn't paint him obviously, this chap here did.  £25 (+£15 for model) including postage!  Bargain and a thoroughly nice bloke too

You see I don't cheaphammer to spend less.  Just so I can buy luxuries :-)

My chosen unit is mustering nicely with a few models arriving from ebay in the last week.  I love the Archaon model on foot, gonna convert him slightly as his pose is a tad crass but only a change in direction of the wrist.
Problem is I find that I can't paint metal models as well as plastic ones :-/  Anyone else get that?

I have managed 2 more horsies as well but will display them all together once done.  Now excuse me while I go back to drooling over Harry... Hmmm, no-one repeat that sentence to my mum please...

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  1. Very nice centre piece, though personally I'd never part with £25 for someone to paint one model regardless of how nicely they do it.