Monday, 12 September 2011

Conversion clinic...

First off in gaming news I lost miserably to Kierons Bretonnians last week.  Full battle report is here 

To sum it up Kieron completely outplayed me and combined with poor magic and Kieron making an amazing amount of 5+ saves meant I got trodden into the ground.  Was as ever though a good game with Kieron letting me off mistakes as i'm still learning

Learning points from this were:

Chariots are to slow for a supporting unit.  If I'd had a quicker unit they could have covered my knights rear meaning they would have won their combat by not getting hit by the men at arms.
Don't be afraid to take a flank charge from a weaker unit if it means advancing onto the main army.  Turning to face my warriors against the Knights Errant meant they were taken out of the game and didn't make their points back
Don't chase flying units, its pointless.  Shoot the feckers (buy something that shoots)  It was like whacky races with my War Shrine and the pegasii
Sacrifice some virgins before battle to make sure my gods give me some luck!  (Though where i'll find some in Rotherham is a bit of a problem.. ;-) )

Onto modelling where i'm having a much nicer time.  First off here is my death sorcerer.  I am chuffed to bits with this model.  It was a great model to start with.  I love working with finecast, its so nice as long as you're careful

I snipped off all the blood angels iconography, re-positioned his arms having to break them into two, made his power axe not powered and remove his other hand from it.  I need to find a left hand that fits as he is a tad smaller than warriors and other space marines annoyingly.  Anyone know of one holding a skull or open handed?
I also want to add a bit more decoration to his axe

I've used the cloak from the chaos manticore sorcerer.  I tried making my own but wasn't happy with the results.  I added the icon and skulls as it looked to plain otherwise and as the model is so detailed i felt it needed something else.  I am going to print some transfers to add more detail to it once painted

I've finished the undivided chariot, just need to do the riders and finish the base

Khornate chariot on the way as well

And my marauders are being built.  Decided to go hand weapon and shield in the end.  Then I could go beardy and give them the mark of Tzeench too and get two 5+ saves.  It worked for Kieron!

Let me know any thoughts and ideas please!  'Til then...


  1. Looking good. That sorcerer is going to be excellent. I'll have a root around for suitable hands.

  2. Maybe he needs to be holding a decapitated head in that other hand... by the scruff of their hair! Looking really good as usual.