Saturday, 24 September 2011

Chariots of... er... Dire?

I didn't manage to get a game in this week but I have one arranged for next week against an ogre army... Should be interesting. Methinks i'll forgo shields with my main warrior unit for extra hand weapons and hopefully chop up enough ogres before they hit back hard and negate my armour anyways...

I've finished my chariots

And assembled my marauder unit. I really don't like the heads from the boxed set with these. They are to cartoony for me so I've used the heads from the horseman set as they look a lot meaner and a lot less comic.
I've used as many spare armour parts as I could and modeled a few bits of green to make each model different. Just switching hands with the weapons as well makes a big difference to a unit.
I wanted to make the champion bigger than the rest in some way so I gave him a warriors cloak. I like to think he isn't far off going on his quest to find his chaos armour and joining the ranks of the warriors. Him as well as using some helmets and shields from the warriors tie the unit in with the warriors.

I have mounted a sorcerer to stick him in with either my knights or marauder horse as this will get him close enough to use the shorter ranged death magic.
He's from the chaos manticore boxed set and works well on a horse. The cloak gives him a lot of motion.

What's better than cheap hammering? Getting paid to make your models! Well ok i'm not being paid but I have nearly made my money back this month on the models i've bought.
I bought the manticore model for £25 and sold the manticore and lord parts on ebay for near £30.
I also sold Astoraths wings and backpack for £15. The whole model cost me £10.50!
All i need now is to sell the marauder heads I haven't used for a couple of million and i'll be rich :D

I have done some other extras which i'll show next time around along with my finished sorcerer.  On that tantalizing note I shall say ttfn...


  1. Looking good as ever. My progress this month has been b****cks so it's good to see somebody making headway.

    Did you really just buy the Manticore to get the Sorcerer?

    The Marauders look really good. I see you finally went for shields. Is this for endurance; an anvil to hold a unit in place for you Knights to smash? What mark will you end up giving them?

  2. Aw boo :(

    Yeah I did, I originally ordered just the cloak from ebay but its taken so long to come I got impatient and bought the model as I thought I could use the sorcerer as well. It worked out though!

    Yeah I figured without shields they would attract every arrow and rock from miles around and may not have enough models left to survive a combat so wanted to give them some protection. If I give them the mark of Tzeench I can have two 5+ saves in combat!