Thursday, 29 September 2011

End of September

Wow this month has gone quickly! I thought I still had tomorrow to go so queue quick end post!

I won my game tonight and will post a battle report tomorrow.

The sorcerer

I am going to re-do the cloak as I want to blend it but I need to get around to painting in the daylight as I've found bulbs really distort the colour.  I also need to finish the base but can't find the flock!

I'm really quite chuffed with how he turned out but boy i find delicate models hard to paint.  They really show up my lack of painting skills with fine detail.  With all my other models so far I've barely had to use anything other than a standard brush but this guy was pretty much fine detail all the way!

I decided to add the skeleton familiar too as without him I thought the model was to emty.

Some extras.  Since seeing the new mournfang cavalry I couldn't help but think of them as potential Thunder Wolves so I bought some when they were on sale and am having a go.

Another thing this gave me was the opportunity to convert two chaos ogres so I did :)  Will get another one at some point for a nice supporting unit...

I think once they are snow based I can hide the fact that I didn't completely manage to successfully sort out the cavalry legs...

Sorry you will have to scroll down to see my other models this month but target met with a few extras as well :)

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