Friday, 16 September 2011

Gaming news

2 Battles this week and victory in both!

Anuerin has written a report against the elves here so i won't repeat it...

The cheesy elf set up to sit back and shoot and had the cheek to complain that elves aren't good at anything so he had to do this!  Hang on a second though...  Hit first in combat (check) with re-rolls (check) can shoot and hit on 3s in a rank of spears and shoot as a charge reaction and still use all ranks (check)  uses extra dice in magic phase because "i'm an elf" (check) bolt thrower doesn't allow armour saves (check) Boo bloody hoo!

I was disappointed when he announced he had changed his magic law and lack of silver helms as I had armed my sorcerer with an item allowing him to steal spells so was ready to give him a taste of his own medicine and Okams razor him into the floor!  Ah well...

Wayne played his Vampire counts and I faced:
Big unit og grave guard
Big unit of Ghouls
Big unit of skellies
A Vargulf
5 Blood knights
2 Corpse carts
10 dire wolves
A vampire Lord (ulp)
Each unit had a vampire and or necromancer in it

I took
25 warriors
10 knights with my death sorcerer mounted up
16 marauders with an exalted hero for extra punch
10 chosen with my fire sorcerer
2 10*warhounds
5 marauder horse

Unfortunately battery was to low on phone for pics but here a quick report.  And even though I can produce really nice graphics here are 5 second paint maps :D

Turn 1

We basically marched towards each other as neither had any missile fire.  Magic was limited for me due to the amount of magic users in his army and his vampire being able to add 5 to his dispel dice!
Basically my warriors faced up against his skellies, marauders v ghouls, knights v grave guard and everything else flit about the flanks with Waynes skirmish units.
His Direwolves charged my marauder horse and 3 died to their axes before 4 more bit the dust in combat to no losses.  Being in range of the general though the wolves held in the combat
Annoyingly (and predictably) Wayne raised a unit of zombies right before my knights.

Turn 2

The knights charged the fresh unit of zombies and the marauders went into the ghouls. My hounds also stupidly charged the vargulf and failed to wounds due to being terrified and were promptly broken and fled but not charged down.
I did manage to get off a crucial magic roll to toughen up my marauders allowing them to wound the ghouls easier but they were hitting WS 7 ghouls as the vampire lord kindly lent them his WS stats for the round!
Having the hero in there really helped though as he killed off the necromancer and the overkill points helped the marauders win the combat causing 4 more to crumple.
The knights predictably killed the zombies and my horsemen killed off the Direwolves
In Waynes turn the skellies failed a charge on the warriors.

Turn 3

My warriors went into the skellies hewing them down with ease taking no damage in return due to +1 armour from the warshrine. The knights into ANOTHER unit of zombies...  The maruaders continued to whittle down the ghouls but were losing number fast themselves and the vampire lord had a blood thirsty look in his eyes...
In waynes turn the blood knights went into my chariot and smashed it apart and the vargulf came closer to my lines from the flank after chasing down the hounds.  The grave guard attempted a charge at the horsemen who fled taken the unit out of the game for all purposes.

Turn 4

Things got interesting this round...  In my turn the ghouls got whittled down to one while I had 3 marauders standing and the hero.  I charged my hounds into the side of the grave guard to stop them going into my knights who were having to wade through yet another unit of summoned zombies!  The hounds fled but took the grave guard way out wide.
My warriors continued to knock down skellies but they had 4 left at the end of the turn still grinning in their faces.
His vampire finally went into the flank of the maruaders... My chosen got charged by the blood knights, vargulf and corpse cart.
Magic phase before combat.  In an attempt to replenish the ghoul unit wayes casts his raising spell on two dice.  Wayne (i roll 6's for fun) Poppleton true to his name rolls two sixes on them.  I laugh evilly as he rolls on the miscast table.  "Oh not to bad" says he "at least he doesn't die from it". "Erm," i reply, "Well... actually, expecting you to have shed loads of magic and hopefully a miscast I took an infernal puppet allowing me to subtract 2 from that roll meaning you now have to roll a d6, under a 4 and your general is dust.  roll of a 2 later and my gods laugh as a new play thing enters their realm!
And to add insult to injury the spell resurrects only one ghoul who dies in the resultant S10 blast anyways leaving only my hero standing next to a mound of his comrades and a pair of smoking pointy boots!

The vargulf can't survive the death of his leader and in the chosen combat they chop up the knights and cart due to being not only armed with 2 weapons but also being granted an extra attack by the gods!  Waynes face was a picture as I rolled buckets of dice at WS6 initiative 5!  Mwhahahaha.

After that disastrous round we called it a day as the only viable unit Wayne had left were his grave guard way out on the flank and I had my two big blocks left virtually unscathed

Seems I can win a straight out march forward and kill battle then.. Though I was lucky a few times especially as 2 hounds survived the grave guard to run away making them chase them right out on the flank.  My marauders were hero's against the ghouls as they really should have died.  I know the Vampire dying helped but i think i still would have won as the left flank was mine anyways and yeah more units would have been raised against me but nothing that would really hurt.

All in all a good week of battles!


  1. The game's going to go in your favour if you can force a fight asap. Just be on the look out for traps.

    I see you've finally discovered the filth that is the Infernal Puppet. Now have a look at the Black Tongue and laugh evilly to yourself as you consider the two together.




    If you're reading this Wayne, never, ever do that! Ignoring the miscast, if you had lost combat both the Vampire AND the Ghouls would crumble. If he was in the Ghouls, only the Ghouls would crumble.

    Oh, and take the Earthing Rod. :)

  2. His vampire should have wiped me out in that combat with only 3 guys left and my hero. He was ethereal so i wouldn't have been able to hurt him in the challenge by my hero so it was a safe bet other than the miscast!