Saturday, 1 October 2011

October Targets & Report

My target for this month will be these little fellows...

That I got for my Birthday :-)  I have had a bit of a fancy for the squat ones since I was little myself and I really love these models.  Plus it will allow me to blast the crap out of annoyingly overgrown budgies & pegassi  knights rather than have them run all over the board after them.

As well as these i'll get my marauders painted up, the ogres with hopefully a 3rd model and a secret weapon if I get chance and the parts from ebay arrive in time.  Oh and a Nurgle sorcerer

Here is a quick synopsis of my battle against Dan's combat driven High Elves.  I was dreading this game as my experience against Anuerin has been to expect to take a lot of damage...

We rolled the dawn mission so had to set up strangely to how we wanted.  It didn't work out to badly for him but my 1000pt unit of knights and lord were out on the left facing nowt but a 5 man squad of light horse!

Turns 1 & 2 saw us edge closer to each other neither of us wanting to take damage from the ruins in the middle.  High elf archery proved ineffective thanks to both my chosen and warrior unit being blessed with an extra 1+ to their armour saves :-D  Also only 2 level 2 wizards faced me with defensive spells meaning I didn't take any damage from magic.
Unfortunately my rolls for the winds were poor so I couldn't enjoy a dominant magic phase but my newly established Nurgle sorcerer took a wound from each of the Elven mages.

Turns 3&4 saw the crunch happen. My knights went into the chariot and light horse, the warriors into the erm, white cloaked wimps while out on the right my marauder horse took out another unit of light Elven horse and bounced off the archers!

Unsurprisingly my knights whooped ass on the left without even being hit by the puny Elves and were charged by the mage!  It was that or flee off the board so...
The silver helms went into my shrine and the Elven general found himself charging the chosen alone as the sea guard decided extra hard chosen with 3 attacks each weren't a good choice of opponent and only inched towards them.
The General easily slew my Chosen champion in the challenge but the unit held firm.
Amazingly the shrine only took two wounds thanks to its high toughness and managed to kill enough elves in return to win the combat! In the magic phase I had managed to reduce their leadership by three thanks to grandfather Nurgle.  This helped as they failed the leadership test and fled through the spearmen losing more men as they did so!

Turn 5&6 saw my warriors finish off the white cloaked punies and decide that the bristling weapons of the spearmen didn't look that dangerous and were feeling pretty safe with a 2+ armour save and 5+ ward after.
Lots of elven dice later saw one warrior go down and with 19 attacks back and 10 elves fall they decided to let it only to be run down by the warriors.  The warriors then massacred the small archer unit
The white cloaks never rallied and ran from the battle.

The Elven general managed to slay my sorcerer in single combat but then the unit finished him off and reformed to face the sluggish sea guard who had again failed to charge to their generals aid.

Evil Lord Bashmash of the Triothi tribe decided it was such a lovely day and to add to his pressed butterfly collection so sent his knights out with delicate nets to catch some for him as he composed a sweet haiku on the beauty of the woods in front of him

So at the end I lost my Maruader horse and both sorcerers to the entire Elven army except the sea guard and a small unit of archers cowering behind them.

Lessons learnt from this battle:

1 - Rolling for extra armour on two units is amazingly useful.  Both units shrugged off all sorts of punishment
2 - Me gusta mucho Nurgle magic.  It can help me or hinder my opponent and is so simple to use
3 - Seeing rolls for bad charge distances is funny if its not me
4 - I was very lucky this battle as everything went in my favour.  I had good magic capabilities and neutralized the Elven spells that did get off with the right items.

I know my opponent made mistakes here and he was hindered by small units and bad luck but I do think I am getting to grips with my army now and how I want it to work.  Making armour saves also helps!

Who's next? ;-)

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  1. Liking the product placement in the first picture. Very subtle.

    Bet you think you have us Elves beat now. Might have to bring you back down to Earth. Gauntlet thrown.