Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Hells Bells!

Yes its a hell cannon :-)

I've carried on the spiky theme from the chariots and used the same wheels to make it look as if all my vehicles etc are from the same part of the wastes.

The Dwarves are forgeworld models that I've just modded a bit.  There will be a third sorting skulls on the back of the model.

I wanted to make it look as if they were working the cannon not just standing about

I've chopped off the skaven runes and will add chaotic ones instead.  I liked the idea of having a runic arch to try and contain the daemon inside.  I've added skulls to the spikes as offering to it.

I put in cogs so the cannon can be lowered and raised etc.  I wanted to make it look like it worked!  I will add a hatch to the back of the barrel for the ammunition (food) to be put in.

In other progress news the fireglave Dwarves are coming along but slowly.  I've managed to find a hand for my sorcerer, i've based the Marauders and the bedroom is undercoated...

Wayne gave me a game with his Vampire counts again.  I won't put up a battle report as basically we charged forwards and ground each other down until one of us died.  The only units to see more than one combat was his skellies with the vampire and his black coach after they took out my knights.
I didn't get one spell off all game despite having a level 4 & 2 sorcerer.  I took the infernal puppet but despite Waynes annoying ability to roll lots of 6's he never did it twice rolling for a spell.  Grrr...
He did put his general in a unit this time though Kieron :-D
I made some mistakes, notably the maruders were charged by a spirit host meaning that only my sorcerer could hurt them with his magic weapon.  3 turns of combat later I realize they also have an exalted hero in there with 4 attacks and a magic weapon!  Grrr, at least he smacked up the black coach...
Wayne also forgot things though.  Like his +1 to hit with his grave guard.
Luck went back and forth with outrageous ward/armour saves made on both sides and tragicly comic combat results.  
My hellcannon on its first outing decided to charge forwards on the first turn and then was stuck in combat the entire game unable to hurt the spirit host after decimating a unit of raised zombies.  Waste of 205 points!
My warriors were once again unit of the game.  
Ta for the game Wayne :-)  sorry I didn't have any decent tea in...

Thanks for your thoughts on magic guys.  I think i'm just gonna go with the one sorcerer from now on and take another unit of warriors until my marauder unit gets bigger. I have taken the infernal puppet a few times but its only once come in use.  I would like to combine it with the black tongue but that means taking a sorcerer lord and spending 90 of his points allowance on those 2 items meaning in a challenge he will die due to no magic armour or a decent weapon.
I believed the fluff on magic Dr A about it being magical artillery but you're right it doesn't often do a lot so i switched it for death and Nurgle instead.

Now next question.  Do i spend £45 on a book so I can use these Dwarves... Hmmm!

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