Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hi ho! Blat! blat! blat!

I have finished the Dwarves. A bit to sunny to appreciate the heros beard. Will take another one for the end of month pic in better light

I edged the armour in red as they are meant to forge it with blood

I like the bronzed effect I got with the shoulder paldrons.  Silver>Orange ink>Devlan mud> silver highlights on the very edges

 Marauders are based up and ready to rock.  I like how they don't look like the standard gw models and they didn't take that much effort.  Will make these up to 50 slowly...

So just have the sorcerers to finish up now and the two ogres and i'll be done for the month :-)

In gaming news I had a quick 1000pt game against Dan's high elves on Thursday that went well. The hellcannon hit two big blocks of spearmen killing half of them a piece and making one run away then saw off a unit of silver helms after! Bargain when it works...

After i played a 2000pt orc army. We lined up like this and charged each other. Again I wont bother with a full report as it was pretty uneventful.

I managed to win first turn. The knights bounced off the black orcs taking only a third with them. My warriors marched though everything again then swept around the back making some great charges on the way.
The hellcannon didn't do much but it did hold up the black orcs for a while after they chased off the knights saving me having them charge someone in the rear until last turn.
My warshrine held up two units of gobbos and the pump wagon all game and my maruaders (including nurgle sorcerer ran from the unit of archers and didnt stop all game... Sheesh...
It ended up a draw but had it gone on one more turn (as it should have but we ran out of time) i'd have won the big maul in the middle and with my dominent magic killed off another few units to take the game.
I hadnt had time to write another list from playing Wayne as I wasn't intending on taking a sorcerer lord but glad i did in this game as i only faced two level two shamans and got quite a lot done magically wise...

I'm beginning to think the knights are more points than they are worth... Though they do scare people so take up a lot of my opponents time and effort allowing my other elements to go about their business.  Hmmm something to ponder

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  1. In every game against my Elves those Knights have been the first to fall (excluding those war hounds which are just funny to shoot at with 28 Sea Guard!)