Thursday, 6 October 2011

At em lads!

I've been going at a fair pace this week and have painted up the Marauders.

I've again avoided a uniform as they aren't soldiers but a group of warriors out for fun and plunder.  I haven't put in as many colours as the warriors as they are less dedicated to the gods than the warriors and so wouldn't choose one deity over the other but there are some who have chosen to show such an allegiance.
I'm also planning on adding a few tattoos in the unit as well if i get time when i'm feeling particularly steady handed.

SB shield has fallen off somewhere.  I've paid more attention to them this time around as Kieron is right it does make a difference

I've painted up a test Dwarf as well.  These will be uniformed as they have chosen to worship the chaos gods and are a standing army.  They will hopefully tie in ok with the mostly black theme and the same gold embellishments.
I reckon they will stand out but that's fine by me as they are only allied to the manling army and not a part of the horde

On another note I can't get my sorcerers cloak how I want it.  Blending light colours is hard!  Hope to be done by next update...

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