Sunday, 30 October 2011

End of October

Well that month took a while to go by. I've turned 30, booked to fly away to Oz and most importantly got some painting done!

Here is the last of my target for the month.  2 ogres and my Nurgle sorcerer.  Unfortunately the 3rd ogre hasn't turned up yet so I can't field them.
My parents have bought me the book of Tamurkhan for Christmas (and its coming here on release day) so i will be able to use the Dwarves soon and before I go away! :-)

I did the ogres in the same fashion as the marauders with hap hazard armour and dark skin.  I wasn't sure about doing them dark as I couldn't decide whether these would be ogres turned to chaos or those that live in the wastes.  In the end I decided as they were a bit scrappy that they lived up there

 I'm going to give him nurgling familiars but I can't find where the little buggers have run off to.  I've paled his skin to give him a less healthy look than the others in my army

I realized I haven't yet put a pic up of my whole army so here's one I made earlier

So target me for the month :-)  It's a bit late to take a pic of this months models together.

2 Ogres
10 Chaos Dwarves
15 Maruaders
1 Sorcerer
Scratch built Hellcannon

I really have no idea what I will be able to get done this month with going away on the 24th and visiting folks first, packing up my entire life possessions and finishing the house.  Probably not a lot!

I do need a Lord so I'll say that and my sorcerer onna horse :-)

In gaming news I played Rich but got a spell wrong which decimated his army and ended it as a contest so I won't post a report.  Apologies Rich hope to do it properly before I leave!

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