Thursday, 13 October 2011

Awash in green blood...

Well I've made little progress modelling wise this week as I've swapped my gw brushes for a roller and have got to work on painting the bedroom

Not bad for freehand eh?

I've finished nearly half the Dwarves and nearly completed the Nurgle sorcerer.  I've lost his hand though!  Had a nice pointing finger one and i've lost it!

I've made him a staff/glave of putrification.  took a while to saw his arm off nearly taking a finger of mine with it!

Oh yeah... My secret weapon has arrived this morning.  Conversion fun for me and horror on my next enemies face :-D

Gaming news... 
I played Kieron again and lost, again... My marauders, warriors and Knights ran away.  I ask you, from peasants too!  I made mistakes and as ever Kieron played well but my dice rolling was appalling and with Kieron managing to make his 5+ ward saves consistently again meant I was well and truly trounced. Read his blog for the report

Will came over for a game at mine and it was a very amusing game with it swinging about several times.

He fielded;
A horde of night gobbos + fanatics & shaman, a horde of orcs + shaman, gobbo archers + shaman & fanatics, a huge spider with a shaman, 2 small units of spider riders, a unit of boar boyz, squig hoppers and 4 bases of snotlings and a pump wagon

I mustered
25 warriors + lvl 2 death sorcerer, 8 knights + lvl 4 Nurgle sorcerer & Hero with bsb, 5 horse, 15 marauders and my shrine

We rolled the pass scenario and set up as so

I gulped a bit at the amount of models facing me and was worried about my flanks as i couldn't deploy to protect them in the narrow space.

Turn 1
I went first and went forward as fast as I could, the horsemen took out 2 spider riders in shoowting then will charged them and I lost 2 to his one but they held.
My magic was ineffective as I rolled low and will could channel more dice than me so dispelled everything.  Wills magic saw him buff a few of his units and hex my horse.

Turn 2
Was mental in short! I went into the squigs with my warriors and everything moved up in support.
Magic I managed to cast a hex spell on the boar boyz reducing their leadership but with a miscast.  I wiped out 10 warriors in the blast and my sorcerer took a wound as well.  I quickly killed the squigs in combat
and wiped them out.
Will took out his comedy animosity die and the gobbo horde went mental shooting forward a free 8 inches toward my warriors releasing fanatics at my knights as he did so.  One bounced off my spawn causing it a wound and killed itself in the process.
The gobbo archers also thought it would be a laugh to have a go at my warriors again shooting forwards a free 8 inches and releasing more fanatics one piling straight through my warriors taking 2 out.
Will then had to charge these units at my warriors with the archers falling short but he supported them with the snotlings into my flank and his boar boyz into the rear.  Things were looking grim for the warriors...
The pump wagon smashed into my shrine causing a wound but suffering two back. The horsemen finally killed the last spider rider

As i took this picture I realised will hadn't taken hits on his boar boyz from the fanatic.  He killed 3 and they ran off!  That hex spell I got off may just have saved my warriors bacon...
In the combat my sorcerer challenged and killed the unit champion, the warriors killing 8 gobbos and leaving one snotling base on 1 wound.  I won the combat thanks to my 2+ armour saves (gods i love rolling that) and 5+ wards.  Sadly the gobbos were steadfast and stayed put.

Turn 3
The knights moved for a position to charge the spider and the marauders up the flank.  The horsemen took one for the team and charged the fanatic in front of the knights killing themselves in the process.  Their names will be forgotten almost immediately...
The warriors continued to mince goblin but still being steadfast they went nowhere.  The gobbo hero faced my sorcerer one on one and died for it.

Turn 4
The warriors finally cleaned up the gobbos and chased them down overrunning into the orc horde flank who had moved up to face the knights.  My marauders charged the archers and the knights failed to charge the spider thanks to a hex spell reducing their movement to 1!

Turn 5
The orc big boss was to afraid of my sorcerer to hit him (he gained fearsome aura after beating his last opponent) My warriors chopped up enough orcs to make them run and they lost a few more boyz as they fled through the spider. The marauders finished off the archers.  The knights failed again to charge thanks to the hex spell
Will moved his spider out of charge range and rallied the orce.  He then managed to cast a nasty big template spell that wiped out 7 knights a few warriors and a marauder!

Turn 6.
I charged the orcs and once again failed to charge the spider with my knights thanks to the hex spell.  The orcs fled off the table and I chased them down off the board.  The warriors now having gone the entire distance off the pass taking 4 units out in the process.  GRRRRR!
Will failed to get off his nasty spell this go

Turn 7 (oops we lost count in all the fun)
My marauders killed off the snotling bolt thrower and over ran into the spider the spawn couldn't close and my knights decided to watch again as they couldn't be arsed to moved very far...

In Wills turn predictably the marauders did nothing against the spider and fled.  Just for a laugh he decided to charge my shrine but we drew as neither could hurt one another.  Maybe the spider realizing my shrine as a large monster and attempting to mate with it instead.  It ended as so and a victory for me :)

Thoughts on magic
My magic this game was pathetic thanks to will having the same number of dispel dice as me or more thanks to his channeling abilities.  I got off that one spell which admittedly was useful but only worked thanks to irresistible force!
It didn't do a lot against Kieron either only really getting one good spell off.  The question is do I discard it entirely and take more warriors instead?
At near 300pts alone my level 4 sorcerer did nothing all game.  Should I just go with a lvl 2 wizard with a dispel scroll for defense?
Also with me having to challenge with them they often get beaten in combat and while I try and equip them with protection this makes them more expensive and means I can't take more stuff to enhance their magical abilities.
With my magic being quite short ranged I can't really keep them from combat in a bodyguard unit and even if i did this just puts more points into them.
Thoughts please?


  1. In terms of magic defence, I think you're missing a trick by not using the Infernal Puppet. It won't stop any spells but it does allow you to really punish miscasts. Also it will allow you to throw six dice at the spells you really want to cast with relative safety.

    In terms of placement, you can't really keep them completely safe and the front of units that folks are trying to avoid is as good a place as any.

    Finally I think that your spell selection is a bit one dimensional. Instead of going for all direct damage and magic missiles, consider pores which contain more augments and hexes. They tend to have more impact on crucial combats than causing a few casualties.

  2. If he takes the puppet it might be time to bring out Teclis. Any double give irresistable force and the first miscast can be ignored.

    Problem with placing them in units is that you can snipe at them with that nasty Lore of Death spell (that one you keep casting on me).

    You have the augments from the throne... having more would be deadly.

    You seem to take Fire quite often. I have never found that to be very effective! Fun but no effective.

  3. Cheers for the fantastic games lads, both were really fun! I think Lee's magic was a little underwhelming (although, to be fair the winds were on and off throughout - I'd roll 12, then you'd roll 7..). The leadership spell was deadly, and would go well with some lore of shadow spells (with low initiative armies like Orcs). Which lores are you allowed?